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Evolve Review & Evolve Hunter tips

Evolve Review & Evolve Hunter tips


Hunting fans be rejoiced! The list of xbox one hunting games has just grown. With turtle rock studios release of the evolve game you can now team up with your buddies and take down monsters in a four player co op, hunting game.

The Quick Review:
8/10 “Evolve is a great game overall but it’s linear progression system limits it’s replay-ability past that of full unlocks, but makes up for that with it’s great unique game play that only the dev’s from Turtle Rock Studios could produce.

The Gameplay:
  • The game plays like a game of cat and mouse with the hunters following clues and tracks, while the monster sets false tracks and sneaks trying to keep away and feed to evolve.
  • The game starts by dropping you in a new zone each game where you play as one of the 4 Classes.
  •  The four hunters are paired onto a team and must work together to take down the solo monster class player.
I took evolve for a spin as a hunter and here are some evolve hunter tips crafted from my very own game play, follow these tips and you should be able to take down any monster encountered!
The four classes are as follows:
  • THE DPS: “Assault” : Assaults are the main damage dealers dishing out 3x as much damage as the next three classes combined so if you’re playing assault focus on killing let the team worry about keeping you alive.
  • THE HEALER: “Medic” : The medic plays almost like the medic from Team Fortress 2, following the team around buffing and healing you’ll want to keep them alive constantly blasting them with heals and making sure to always keep 1 bar of jet pack to escape from the monster when need be.
  • THE CC: “Support” : The supports all come with a stealth ability which allows them to hide, I’ve found the best way to play the support is to stick close to the medic and be ready to invis-revive him if need be while still dishing out damage from range.
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT GUY ON THE TEAM: “Trapper” The trapper is the only one who can drop a dome forcing the boss to fight so if you notice this guy is doing nothing, Just leave your game trust me you will not win. As far as the class goes they each have a different way of tracking but the track system follows footprints not the actual monster so always be sure to spray at bushes just in-case the monster is hiding in one.
Remember to always stay as a team until you’ve found a couple friends who can effectively split into two groups, after ~30 hours I can definitely recommend this game however I would advise against paying full-price, It’s a great game but no where near worth 70$. Wait for a evolve steam sale and put this one on the burner until then!
Check out some gameplay of evolve :