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Diablo 3 season 2 is here! – Paragon scaling and Ancient Weapon Changes Detailed!


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Check out all the changes in store!

New diablo 3 season has started whats new and whats been removed?

With Diablo 3’s third season having been out for over a week now, it’s time to break down all of the latest farming and gear optimization methods to get you into the new season and on your way up the leader-boards faster then ever before with Grey Fro’s Diablo 3 Season 2 Guide! Unlike last season blizzard plans to run this one for only three months (Unlike the previous season which ran for 6 months) and they’ve made some huge changes to paragon scaling and gear progression which give the new season a vastly different feel and pace, a welcome change to a dying game.As far as changes go the major patch actually happened before the season started. Those who were playing prior to season 2 will notice not to much has changed since 2.1, except however for new ancient system designed to create a further item tier for players to collect at 70. Looking forward blizzard already has plans underway for patch 2.2 which will be another major content update, including multiple new character sets, new rift layouts, higher tiered greater rifts, new goblins, new legendary items in addition to blizzards newly formed cash shop for diablo 3 in-game cosmetics will launch.

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Paragon Scaling and gearing in season 2

In season 2 diablo 3’s paragon leveling system has been completely reworked from the ground up, focusing on streamlining the experience the scaling for levels in paragon has been cut back massively, whereas before to reach 300 paragon was a mighty achievement in itself it’s almost become a joke. This season with the new paragon scaling levels over 500 have already been achieved in the first week, as an ex streamer with thousands of hours played at first this came as a big disappointment as I thought blizzard was merely nerfing their game but boy was I so wrong. Progression in season 2 happens quicker then ever with paragon levels no longer being multiple hour affairs at the higher level gearing has become a bit easier now. How? Well with all the extra free stats you’ve got more room to play and experiment with new builds and items. Season 2’s massive draw isn’t actually the paragon changes it’s actually the item changes. This season with the addition of ancient items the gearing process has been extended two-fold with ancient items being a stronger form of other Lego’s you now have twice the items to collect and min max.

Ancient Items and Changes in Season 2

Ancient Items have completely changed the ball game, similar to the heroic items obtained in World of Warcraft which are stronger versions of other items attained by higher difficulty raids, ancient items are more powerful versions of other legendary items which can roll much higher providing for a true end game set. The rolling on ancient items will be quite standard for players familiar with the current legendary format, the only difference between legendaries and ancient legendaries is the attribute pool for which they roll from. while a standard item may roll up to 500 main stat, ancients can go up to 900! Now while a few bits of extra stats doesn’t sound all that great, the difference a few hundred dexterity makes is monumental and gearing towards filling out all slots with ancient items is absolutely key and should be your first priority heading into the new season with your fresh character. Gearing up with ancients requires patience though as ancient items only drop with a frequency of 1 per 10 rolled/dropped/crafted items. It sounds easy but any player familiar with Diablo 3 RNG will know anything that can happen will happen and you will blow loads of souls on junk.

Looking forward to patch 2.2

Although the new season has just started PTR (Public test realm) versions of patch 2.2 have gone live and there are loads of things to be excited for moving forward with blizzards next upcoming patch, and being that it’s now in public-test-realm-status we have all of the juicy details!Right away the most amazing thing is the new sets, and not just one or two blizzard will be releasing a lineup of one new set for every single class in the game that’s SIX new sets in one patch! Talk about a content update to be excited about for once. But with new sets brings new builds which of course means blizzard will try to rework the old sets so be sure to keep a collected set of each of the current class sets for when those revisions come into play as they are all retroactive to old set pieces.Lastly for patch 2.2 are the new goblins which will be added to the game, there are 3 types. The first is a goblin that splits into smaller goblin packs when killed, a bit fat goblin followed by a mini goblin army and a gilded goblin which is rumored to be a massive gold dropping goblin.


With season 2 well under way and all of your old gear rendered useless you’ll have lot to work towards on this seasons leader-board grind as well as new paragon level unlocks and season rewards for hitting level 70 within the current season. Being a 3 month season there is less time to farm those ever juicy paragon levels, with that being the case blizzard has revamped the leveling system to create for a smoother progression curve and more levels during game-play to keep us all clicking away for hours on end. Changes to the season were not as large as the major content patch was released a month prior to the season starting. But with that said blizzard added the ancient item system which has added an extra layer to the end game gear-grind that we all love so much. In conclusion and looking ahead to patch 2.2 we can see that blizzard seems to want to actually put some work into diablo 3 making it fun for another season and after putting in ~150 Hours already I can attest that they’ve given life to a dying game once again.

Season Two is an amazing addition to diablo 3 and I recommend re installing if you were previously bored of the old game.