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The Top 5 Worst Super Mario Games

The Top 5 Worst Super Mario Games

Now before you get the pitchforks out and start hunting me down please note that this list is my own personal views and opinions and it is not an “official” list. If you have a different opinion I would love to hear it in the comments down below. As a guy who has been playing Mario games since the 80’s I have pretty much played every game to feature Mario. For the most part the majority of Mario games have been good, but there have been a few that I have not been that into and one in particular I freaking hated! Here is my top five WORST, Super Mario games!

Number 5: Mario Is Missing

Super Nintendo

Super Mario - worsmar4

While this was also released on the NES and PC it is the Super Nintendo version that I remember. How many other kids saw this in the store and thought “wow a new Mario game!” begged their folks to buy it for them take it home, be impressed with the Mario World style visuals and then………. Figure out this is no normal Mario game! This is trying to trick me into learning! Mario Is Missing let Luigi take center stage as he steps on (if you can call it that) Koopa Troopa’s to get pieces of various landmarks which he then has to take and fix……… and answer questions about the landmark……BORING!

Number 4: Hotel Mario

Phillips CDi

Super Mario - worsmar3

Ugh this is actually not a horrible game to tell the truth, but on what was supposed to be a cutting edge, best of the best, ultimate entertainment machine it is just boring. The idea of Hotel Mario is that you need to have Mario get rid of various bad guys by closing doors, the bad guys though keep on opening the damn doors and the game becomes very annoying, very quickly. Most people first complain about the horrible animated intro, but that is nothing compared to the games clunky and frustrating controls. I think with a bit more development time Hotel Mario could have been a fun little action puzzle game. But when you consider the “power” of the CDi this was just really half assed.

Number 3: Mario Teaches Typing


Super Mario 1

Hey let’s take one of the most beloved video game characters who is known for his fast paced, action packed games and have him teach us to type. While at first I am sure this sounds like a great idea to most kids after about five minutes you realize this is just trying to trick you into learning! The problem is the actual teaching the game offers is just boring as hell and about as much fun as tooth ache. I mean I have to give credit for them trying to use Mario in order to get kids to learn how to type, but they could have at least made it more fun! There was a sequel released called Mario Teaches Typing 2 which did actually introduce a story which actually gives the player a reason for playing the game, but the first one is just really lame!

Number 2: Mario’s Time Machine

Super Nintendo

Super Mario - worsmar2

Ugh you know a game has issue when the title is misleading, technically it should be called Bowser’s Time Machine, but that is the least of this games issues. This is has to be the most boring Mario game ever created. The idea is actually solid, Bowser has a time machine and he has gone back in time, stealing stuff and just causing general havoc! You know the usual shenanigans that Bowser gets up to. The game play though is just so boring the game will put you to sleep. It looks great and does have a Super Mario World type of presentation to it, but there is no platforming action here! Mario’s Time Machine will have you doing “awesome” things like filling in blank pages about historical figures that takes an age to do because of the slow interface! Talking to historical figures and……… look you are bored already. Just take it from me this game is about as interesting as watching paint dry!

Number 1: Super Mario Sunshine

Nintendo Game Cube

Super Mario - worsmar5

WHAT!!!!!!!! I can hear people say. But please hear me out. Yes it is true I consider this to be the worst Super Mario game ever made and let me tell you I have put hours and hours into this game, but I just cannot get into. Ok so the game looks absolutely amazing, has great voice acting and this is the most cinematic Mario game ever made. Hell I freaking loved the story of this game and would love Nintendo to make another Mario game with a story that has the charm and level of detail that this game does. But the game play is horrible! Yes that is right I said the game play of Super Mario Sunshine is horrible. Mario games are known for tight and responsive controls. In this game Mario is twitchy, hard to control and the camera constantly gets in your way. I swear the toughest thing in this game is wrestling with the camera and putting up with the controls. The game has a ton of just horrible missions where you have to collect coins…….. like in other Mario games, but thanks to the horrible controls it makes them such a chore.

Now to be fair in my experience I have found that this is a game you either love or hate. I sure as hell hate it and I just cannot get to grips with it. Which is a shame because I do not think I have ever wanted to love a game as much as this one……. Too bad Mario controls so horribly!