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The Top 5 WORST Times I Saved My Game!

The Top 5 WORST Times I Saved My Game!

Today I am doing something a fun (well it’s fun to look back now it sure as hell was not fun at the time) looking back on when I either saved a game at a horrible time or the game auto saved at a time that just screwed everything up! I am sure you have had your own game saving nightmares and I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Number 5: Halo

Xbox 360

Top 5 save1

This happened on the Anniversary collection of Halo and it makes my number 5 because in the grand scheme of things I was able to restart the mission so it did not spoil my whole game! Anyway there I was in the Warthog with a ton of Covenant in the way…… I was not in the mood for a fire fight so I tried to just drive through……. Well as I did I was blasted by one of those big Covenant tanks. I saw it coming and jumped out of the Warthog only for it to be blasted, land on top of me and kill me. And this happened just as I was at a checkpoint so the game kept reloading this section over and over again it was like Master Chief was stuck in Purgatory.

Number 4: Tomb Raider Legend

Xbox 360

Top 5 save2

This one is very similar to the Halo one, but it was way more frustrating as it happened right at the end of a level and I was forced to restart the whole thing! I actually really enjoyed this game and had a lot of fun with it. The part of the game I want to talk about sees Lara Croft on a motor bike trying to get through what seems like a never ending onslaught of enemy fire. This was very exciting and I was really into it, enjoying myself…… when I lose control of the damn bike and go flying off the side of the cliff. I lost control like a nano second before I past a checkpoint, thus having Lara fly off the cliff every time the game reloaded. I was so made! I must have tried 100 times to get past this, but in the end I had to do the whole section all over again!

Number 3: Fifa 2004-2012

Playstation 2 & Xbox 360

Top 5 save3

Now to be fair this is more EA’s fault than it is mine! Being from the UK I am a huge football fan I look forward to each new Fifa game. The manager/career mode is my main reason for buying the game, but since this mode was introduced it had problems where it would crash at a certain point in the mode and force you to start the whole thing over. What is bad about this is that a Fifa career mode can last 15 years of game time! In Fifa 2006 I vividly remember I was on my eighth season and the game crashed! I was screwed had to start over which as I had put over 100 hours into the mode was very frustrating! Now you could argue that I should have had more than one save file which sometimes I did, but sometimes I would forget to save my game on each of the different files.  Now I have not encountered this glitch since Fifa 2012, but I have heard some people still have so maybe I have just been lucky.

Number 2: The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

Super Nintendo

Top 5 save4

This is one of my all-time favorite video games and back in 1992 it was one of the first Super Nintendo games I owned. I loved the game and I wanted my friends to enjoy it as much as I did. So I loaned the game to a school friend of mine. Now this game had three save slots. I used number one which I was about ¾ done with the game and I told him that he could use the other two if he wanted. Well he used the other two……. And the first one as well! In order to write me a message. The first save file said Sorry, the second one said Jason and the last one said Not! I was freaking mad as hell, but he thought it was hilarious and after a while to be honest so did I. But my mistake here was trusting someone with my save file! After this I would never loan a game to a friend that had a save functionality to it!

Number 1: Resident Evil Code Veronica

Sega Dreamcast

Top 5 save5

Ugh I still have bad flashbacks about this to this day. I loved the Dreamcast and my favorite game for a long time was Resident Evil Code Veronica. This is actually my favorite old style, RE game. Anyway I put a ton of time into this game when I came to the part where you have a boss battle with the Tyrant on a plane. Now just before the battle there is a typewriter for you to save your game. So I saved my game, but I had taken a real beating just before this and I had nothing! No herbs to heal my health, next to no ammo I literally had nothing! But once I entered the door on the plane that was next to the typewriter the boss battle began…… and I was royally screwed! Back then I had no internet, no magazine or any kind of guide it was just me, no health, no ammo and a fight against the Tyrant. So I had no idea you could do this with no items like I have since leaned thanks to the internet! But back then I tried a million times and died, died and died again! I eventually gave up and started the game all over, making sure I saved a ton of stuff to kick the Tyrants ass!