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Insurgency Review – better games like call of duty only $16.99!

Insurgency - © 2010 - 2014 New World Interactive LLC.
The first person shooter market is highly saturated with bloom and gloom titles, what makes insurgency special?

Insurgency offers unparalleled tactical team FPS game play. With it’s clever removal of almost all standard HUD features displayed in today’s shooters, it’s easy to see why more and more people are picking up the game and sticking by it. The level of realism New World Interactive has put into the game is just absolutely unreal. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the atmosphere of the game, especially if you use some of the truly amazing user-generated-content mods. This game comes with my personal recommendation being a true tactical FPS.


What does Insurgency do different from other games?

With the removal of the standard FPS HUD the focus is actually on game play not stats, everything from health bars, ammo counts, team score, heck even the kill feed is removed by default! This provides a true sense of tactical game play. Gone are the days of watching kill cams! Re-spawning happens similar to rising storms wave re-spawn system in some modes, whereas in other modes an objective based spawn mode is used. This removes the typical pacing of an FPS, as with only one life you actually care whether or not you die so game play becomes more tactical and less twitchy.

Players have made everything from custom guns, Realistic Sounds, player models all accessible through the steam workshop.

Just imagine this, complete silence, the only things heard are occasional gunshots from the distance and the odd explosion. Are your friends okay? Did that guy you shoot actually die? These are all questions that come to mind when playing, without the HUD the game feels surprisingly surreal. The player content far outclasses what the game devs were able to achieve. Want a specific gun to look like a specific gun? Player’s have done it. Want your terrorists to scream allahu akbar and be dressed as ISIS Fighters? Check. Like things pink and girly? The workshops got you covered!

Real review from a real player. (Feel free to add me and play with me to!)

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I really do own this game, I’ve only been able to put in 6 hours as of this date but it’s already the only FPS I play now. If you’re into realism and tactical game play I urge you to check out the game. What looks average isn’t always so.This is especially true for insurgency, looking at it on the steam front page one might simply skip over it! Thinking it’s a typical standard fps is the wrong way to go about things and the game really needs it’s own “realistic” shooter category as it is completely unique.

I own Insurgency, will you join the ranks to?

With it’s completely unmatched level of tactical game play, Insurgency offers a unique game play style delivering almost the same feel of larger military simulation games like Arma in a neat compacted round based package. Retailing at only 16.99 it’s an absolute must have for any fans of the genre.