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Does portal 2 still stand up as a great game in 2015?

portal 2 - Copyright Valve

Does portal 2 still stand up as a great game in 2015?

Graphically portal 2 is a bit of an outdated game, however this does not mean it has bad graphics by any means. Although today’s cards are much more sophisticated then the older models, portal 2 is still a game from the last decade way beyond the pixel age and by far i still easily playable.

Game play elements are still completely unique, no other game has quite captivated that feeling one gets when wandering through GlaDos’s test chambers. (Glados is the antagonist from the previous game to those who are new to the series) As well as the steam workshop is fully-loaded with user-content as the game has been out for quite some time.

portal 2 - Copyright Valve

Graphic whores aside, portal 2 is still a wonderful looking game

Portal 2 runs on a modified version of the source engine, which if you don’t know is valve’s main gaming engine. This engine allows for in-depth, and complex physics problems to be programmed into the game. Along side that wonderful artwork which can be as detailed a the work put in by the artist.

Speaking of artistry valve did an absolutely wonderful job, the scenery they’ve crafted and the atmosphere provided especially the old test areas. They tie in wonderfully to the mood portal creates and look amazing especially when cranked up to maximum!

Modders have kept going even when valve stopped

The user generated content in portal is almost endless, there are thousand upon thousands of player created test-chambers. Don’t sneer at the player part, that’s the best part! Some of these maps players have made are more advanced, and more creative then all of the base maps put together.

I’ve personally played dozens of these player maps, if you’re like me and you thought the maps provided by valve were easily conquerable, you’re in for an ass-whupping! I’ve spent hours trying to finish some maps to no avail, players can be the cruelest, most creative bastards out there!

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Puzzle games similar to portal two exist, check out this game!

I’ve played lots of puzzle games released in recent times. There’s only one that i’d hold up against portal 2’s legend for being one of the greatest puzzle games around. That game would be Anti-Chamber.

Anti-Chamber is a strangely unique puzzle game, in this game you never really have any idea whats happening and you wander through a place that looks similar to GlaDos’s test chambers. However the entire chambers themselves are the puzzles! Be prepared to have a lot of moments where you ask yourself if you actually just solved the puzzle or were merely imagining it?

Portal 2 has not lost it’s shine, I still play it what about you?

The end conclusion is that portal 2 still holds up as a great game, and with valves wicked steam sales and websites like G2A where you can purchase older games for cheaper at a couple bucks It’s definitely still worth a purchase and a play through and will net you many hours!