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Top 5 WORST Video Game Controllers!!!

Top 5 WORST Video Game Controllers!!!

Ok now before I start let me just say this is my own personal opinion and each one of these controllers I have spent a vast amount of time with and I will try my best to explain to you guys what my issues are with each one! But if you have a difference of opinion them please leave your list in the section below.

Number 5

Nintendo Game Cube

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You know I love the Game Cube, I really do and the controller actually is comfortable to hold, but the controller layout really does just annoy the hell out of me!. First of all the Z button. It is in an awkward place and why is there only one of them? What not add a Z2 in there instead of just one random button on one side of the controller? The weird shaped X and Y buttons to me were added for the sake of just doing something different for the sake of it! And my biggest gripe with this controller is the C stick! It is freaking horrible! Playing any game where you use the C stick regularly is always a pain! Again let me say I love the Game Cube and the controller is comfortable in your hands, but the layout sucks!!!

Number 4

Sony Playstation 3 Six Axis Controller

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I loved the Playstation controller when it was first released and then Sony knocked it out of the park with their Dual Shock controller. The Playstation 2 just made things even better and then we had the Playstation 3 with its, Six Axis Controller. They took out the rumble feature which Sony felt no one wanted any more and they added in some motion controls! This controller was a huge disappointment to me. First of all this thing is so light which may sound like a good thing, but it feels just so damn cheap. But the main reason I hated this controller was the L2 and R2 triggers! They were horrible. So horrible that it apart from Resistance there was no other first person shooter I would buy for this system!

Number 3

Sega Master System

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Here in the UK the Master System was huge! It was actually more popular than the NES. But as many hours as I put into the Sega Master System and even all these years later I really do not like the dpad on the controller. Another thing I really do not like is that there is no “pause” button.  The Master System controller is not horrible, but it is just not comfortable for long gaming sessions. As a kid I had and I would use the Arcade Stick to play all my Master System games which was so much better……. But it was designed as if it was made for left handed people! But I got used to it and even to this day if I am playing some California Games or Out Run I will use the Arcade Stick rather than the controller.

Number 2

Atari Jaguar

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Man I really do in theory, love the idea of the Atari Jaguar controller with its numeric key pad as a throwback to consoles like the ColecoVision. Anyway it is common knowledge that the Atari Jaguar was a failure, but you have to wonder if the guy who designed the controller had any kind of clue where gaming was headed! First of all only three main action buttons! Why? The Super Nintendo which had been out for a while had six which was clearly going to be the standard from now on! Then there is the shape of it. This is just such an uncomfortable controller to hold. It feels just so large in your hands (cue in that’s what she said joke) that after a short time it is a chore to use. The numeric key pad of which I liked the idea of would actual be what made this controller need to be such an odd shape and such an uncomfortable controller to hold.

Number 1

Atari 5200

Video Game Controllers - cont5

How these controllers ever made it past any kind of quality control still blows my mind to this day. I am sure many of you have read or watched videos about these controllers, but honestly these do not do justice just how awkward these things are to use! Going the ColecoVision/Intellivision route with its vertical style controller was not a horrible idea. The fact that the joystick never is centred, the buttons feel cheap and the damn thing breaks if you just look at it funny though are horrible. It took me a while to track down an Atari 5200 and I was surprised that the controller was even worse than I thought it would be!