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What is the state of the PS Vita Today?

PS Vita - Copyright SonyHow does the PS Vita hold up to today’s smartphones?

The PS Vita has gone largely un-noticed compared to Sony’s previous generation PsP. It doesn’t quite seem to pull as large of an audience but is that fault of Sony or the console?

The PS Vita’s game collection is a bit lacking. Sony seems to be having trouble really marketing their console. Developers just don’t seem to be interested in making games for the platform. The largest market for the vita is currently the Japanese market. Which only makes sense because, well Sony. The PS Vita only really has one real redeeming quality right now, but it’s a huge one! The inter-connectivity between the Vita, and all of Sony’s other devices provides for an actual reason to own one!

If you’re into eastern game design the vita is for you!

The PS Vita’s library is atrocious, the one game everyone purchased the console for is still not on it. Yeah no monster hunter, at least not an English one anyways. It’s a bit of a disappointment, but there are a lot of really unique titles on the system to make up for it. Without major developer support the consoles potential is just not being tapped. It’s really got great potential and it almost hurts to see it go to waste like this. I wish Sony would do some major work, and try to get more content on the console. However the work they’ve done recently tying their consoles together is amazing.

Inter-connectivity between the PS Vita and the PS4 is really fluid!

Now originally when I purchased my Vita, years ago now this function just didn’t work. There were pretty much no actual games that functioned with the ps3 link. This however has been patched to high hell! The PS Vita is now fully compatible with the PS4 allowing full integration between the two products. When I say full integration I mean full. You can use the PS Vita as if it were both a controller and a screen. Boy is it smooth, if your connection can handle it that is. The feature does work from anywhere. That means you can leave your ps4 on, go to class and play battlefield 4 in full hd (scaled down of course).

PS Vita - Copyright Sony
The PS Vita is probably the most well designed handheld on the market.

As much as I hate how little Sony does for releasing games on the vita, and not seeding new developer content for their platform. I love the system. I grew up playing the old school mega-gigantic-brick Gameboy. The Vita is truly a marvel of modern technology, the first iterations OLED screen BLOWS away the 3ds’s garbage 3d. Unfortunately though if Sony doesn’t make an effort to push new content onto the system. It will die and for that reason only I can’t recommend you buy the PS Vita, as much as I love it as a multi-media device, it has a huge price tag. The console really is great but without a pile of new games it just doesn’t have enough steam to keep going. I’ll continue to use my vita and if the price tag doesn’t scare you go for it, you’ll only be mildly disappointed.