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Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Review

Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Review

Xbox One, Playstation 3


Devil May Cry 1

Devil May Cry was one of the best new franchises to be unleashed on the PlayStation 2. The series which was originally conceived as a new Resident Evil game, would be morphed into an ass kicking, demon slaying, over the top action game experience. Capcom would release three games on the PlayStation 2, Devil May Cry 4 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and also a Devil May Cry collection consisting of the first three games. This “reboot” of Devil May Cry was handled by Ninja Theory and during its preview stage was met with heavy criticism for its different look for series protagonist, Dante……. But most people who actually played through the game loved it. And now Capcom is hopeful more fans will be willing to give the game a try on PS4 and Xbox One.

Graphics & Presentation

Ok let’s start with the butt kicking big elephant in the room, Dante. Now if you loved the original look of Dante and hated the look of this new version…… then I hate to break it to you, bit you are a still going to hate it! But there are some new costumes that do change the look of Dante with one making him look a little bit more like the old Dante you love. I think that Ninja Theory actually did a great job in really putting their own stamp on the character Dante and I think he looks pretty damn cool. But if you have a strong connecting with the old Dante, this new one may still be hard to warm to and I get that.

Devil May Cry 3

This “new”  Definitive Edition does look noticeably sharper and better looking in every regard. Devil May Cry was already an amazing looking game on the last gen consoles and now with this lick of HD paint and the lighting fast frame rate, you are really getting to see the game the way that Ninja Theory intended during the development phase. One thing I want to say is that the world which Ninja Theory created for this game is amazing and going from our reality to the demon infested Limbo is just amazing and really does make you saw WOW on more than one occasion. Another thing I really want to praise the game for is its cut scenes. This game in many ways feels like you are playing through some huge budget Hollywood movie with how amazing the story is told and the amazing detail that has been put into the cut scenes.

Game Play

I played a lot of the original Devil May Cry trilogy (and 4) and while to some it may be “unthinkable” to say this……. This new Devil May Cry plays a lot better! This is a new version of Devil May Cry and while there is a sense of familiarity here, the game for the most part is its own thing. The combat here is just amazing and I am sure you will genuinely look forward to each new battle with a horde of demons. Dante has a number of attacks at his disposal with different weapons and a whole host of cool upgrades that you can get for them. Now to be honest you can button mash your way through some of the game, but it is so much more fun to actually use all the kick ass different combos!

Devil May Cry 2

For a new player to the Devil May Cry world I have no doubt in my mind that you will fall in love with this game right away. It is just so polished and well-made it is near impossible not to have a great time here. Sadly some players had decided that this game sucked before they even played it! I get that you loved the old Devil May Cry (as did I) but this is just such a great new game and one that has a story that surpasses anything that was done in the older games. This is a game you simply must play from begging to end and then have fun with the included DLC as well. If you like action games then, Devil May Cry is a game you must play through.

Last Impressions

I honestly, hand on heart believe that this is the best Devil May Cry game! If you are looking for a fun game with a great story, awesome graphics and a lot of content………. And at a budget price as well then you will struggle to get a better deal than Devil May Cry! Hopefully the Definitive Edition will shift enough copies so that Capcom will make a sequel!