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Top 5 2D Super Mario Games

Mario is one of my all-time favorite characters and while I have told you guys on here what my least favorite, Super Mario games are. I thought that I would share with you what my best 2D games featuring the world’s most amazing plumber are! These are my favorites and if you have a different list then please share it in the comments below.

Number 5

New Super Mario Bros U

Nintendo Wii U

Super Mario 2dmarf2

As Of writing we have had four different, New Super Mario Bros games. I have enjoyed them all and it was really hard to pick between this one here and New Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS. I think that, New Super Mario Bros U offers just so much game play that it really is a fantastic addition to the Mario series. We have a minimalistic, but charming story, some new fun power ups and also one of the most challenging 3D Mario games ever to be released. Any once I think could breeze through this game and say they beat it! But to see all the secrets and grab all three stars one each level requires some serious skill! Oh and those fancy, sharp and colorful HD graphics are pretty damn nice also!

Number 4

Super Mario Bros 2


Super Mario 2dmarf1

While to some this is seen as the red headed step child of the original Super Mario Bros trilogy. This is a game that I have such fond memories of as a kid. And while it was radically different from the original, Super Mario Bros I loved everything about this game. The different characters you could pick from and the fact that it felt like I was playing through the Super Mario Bros Super Show (TV series) also added to my enjoyment. This is a game that I can still fire up on my NES today and have fun throwing Shy Guys and making Peach float over dumb enemies!

Number 3

Super Mario Bros Deluxe

Game Boy Color

Super Mario 2dmarf4

Well I had to include the original now didn’t I? and not just for nostalgic reasons either. Super Mario Bros is still a damn fine game, but as much as I love the NES original. It was the version that was released on the Game Boy Color that was and still is my favorite. Sure the screen might be zoomed in, but this offers the original NES version of the game with just some really cool extra game modes. My personal favorite being the mode where you race Boo to the end of each level. This is such a great game a kind of different way to experience the ultimate Mario classic.

Number 2

Super Mario Bros 3


Super Mario 2dmarf5

Super Mario Bros 3 was a game that I and most of the other gamers in the world were just waiting for so bad!!!! I remember getting this Christmas morning and spending most of the day playing it. The way you had a map to see what stage you were on, the amazing graphics and the awesome power ups that Mario could use! This was a game that was just so freaking huge it really did blow my mind. And it did no matter that there was no save game feature as playing through it was so much fun that you did not mind replaying those same levels……. Or you could just use a warp whistle! Super Mario Bros 3 for me is a game that is just as much fun to play now as it was back then!

Number 1

Super Mario World (Super Mario All Stars Version)

Super Nintendo

Super Mario 2dmarf3

This is 2D Mario action at its very best! While this was a launch game for the Super Nintendo. It is the version that was re-released as part of the Super Mario All Starts & Super Mario World cartridge that I love. Now this was already an amazing game. The level design was just incredible with each level having a few secrets for you to find. And when you think you have the game beat….. chances are there is still a lot more for you to see. And let’s not forget this was the game that introduced, Yoshi! But the reason I love this particular version is, Luigi. Luigi in this version is not just a re-colored, Mario sprite. For some odd reason, Nintendo made a brand new Luigi sprite just for this version of the game! Luigi now runs and jumps differently and even spits out fire balls! And this is the only version of Super Mario World that has this Luigi. Even the later released version for Game Boy Advance does not have this!