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Divinity Original Sin Review

Divinity Original Sin - Copyright: Larian Studios

A Grey Fro Divinity Original Sin Review

This is probably one of the newest games I have added to my favorites list. Divinity is a crowd-funded traditional RPG somewhat like the old school baldurs gate games. However take todays technology and inject it into baldurs gate and you are left with the beefiest of RPG games to be released in years! Divinity takes the entire tactical turn based formula to the HNL (Hole Neva Leva). Throw down a puddle of water, wait for an enemy to run into it then cast a lightning spell and watch the magic of a truly powerful engine go to work. You can feel the power behind the game when you are confronted by it’s physical laws, level up get new skills and proceed to break them even further. Just level up telekinesis and call me after you’ve stolen all the paintings and I’ll tell you how to lift the beer kegs ;).

Not to mention the depth in this one

Character creation alone gives you so many options, for one you have two characters! While personally this was probably the biggest downfall for me as I prefer to control single characters in an rpg like this it executes wonderfully in co-op. Yeah Co-Op in a tactical RPG where you can do anything you can dream up how could it get any better? I spent quite some time playing this game with buddies and it may be a huge game to tackle alone so bring a friend along for the ride and smooth it over, this game is truly designed to be played as a bro-op game and it really shines when two people are running around one world together wreaking havoc. Although it may take longer to get through some games then others as you’ll be working with a friend who has just the same freedoms and ability to do-as-they-please in the world as you do. Personally I boulder drop my friend at least once an hour. What? I heal him after…

Divinity Original Sin - Copyright Larian Studios
You really can do anything

I truly believe kick-starter is the future for good games; Divinity showed us what is possible when the game is created not out of need for bottom line, but out of love for the fans. You can tell the devs geek’d out hard when making this game, it doesn’t feel rushed like most modern games the team truly spent their time crafting the game they knew we wanted to play. If you haven’t already tried divinity buy this game for you and a friend and get delving into one of the most amazing RPGS out there today. I mean it, with a game this deep, I’ve spent over 10 hours playing and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of Gameplay, without so much as a full play through because of time constraints with my co-op partner I still haven’t finished it myself yet I’m already in love.


This is one of those games you just have to play.