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The Top Five WORST Super Hero Games

The Top Five WORST Super Hero Games

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is nearly here so being a lifelong comic book fan and also a fan of super hero video games I wanted to share the biggest let downs when it comes to super hero video games I have had. To be honest I have played way more good than bad super hero games over the past 25 years. But there are a few that really stick with me for being just so horrible! So here are my top five WORST super hero video games. If you have a difference of opinion then please let me know in the comments below.

Number 5


Atari 2600


The Atari 2600 was my first games console and I was so excited when I got, Spider-Man for it. Now this is not a complaint on how simple the game was. I mean it was the Atari 2600 at the time it was what I expected from a video game, but the game was just so freaking hard and not hard in a fair challenging way! It was hard in a “man these controls are hard as hell” type of way. Spider-Man was just so frustrating for me as a kid that I found it unplayable. Now as an adult I do “get” the game more and I can beat it fairly easy. But those horrible childhood memories still remain!

Number 4

Spider-Man The Animated Series

Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive


Wow!!!! I was so looking forward to this game as I freaking loved the Spider-Man TV series. Add into this the last two Spider-Man games we got for the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive. Maximum Carnage and Separation Anxiety were amazing and fun scrolling beat em ups. But this was just so lame in comparison. Maybe my hopes were too high, but this game was just such a huge step down from the last two Spider-Man games that we got. And it also was just not much fun to play as it had laggy, awkward controls and somehow the graphics had taken a hit as well! In all this actually is just a horrible game that for some reason manages to escape most of the time when people make a terrible super heroes game list!

Number 3

Marvel Nemesis: Rise Of The Imperfects

Xbox, PS2, Game Cube, DS, PSP


Talk about your pieces of crap! Now my time with this was spent with the Game Cube version, but I am sure the rest are just as horrible. Marvel vs Capcom was a smash hit. So good ol, EA decided they wanted in on this cross over goldmine and made this abomination of a game. Rather than just using established Marvel heroes and villains. Half the roster is made up of these horrible made just for this game characters who have terrible designs and are about as interesting as the dog poop on my lawn (which I really must pick up) but the game is just so horrible to play it is a combination of a fighting game and 3D adventure game. The battles take forever and the hardest thing about them is fighting with the damn camera so you can see who is hitting you in the back!

Number 2


Nintendo 64


So predictable I know, but really words do not do this game justice for just how horrible it is. Now this is actually based on the awesome and under rated, Superman The Animated Series so the potential was kind of there, but this game is as bad as everyone says! Luckily I rented it back in the day and did not buy it, but the whole game is just no fun to play. Terrible missions that are just boring as hell to do. Not to mention the controls are so bad that you will be doing these missions again and again! Superman on Nintendo 64 is just a really badly designed game that feels like it was never once play tested before it was released.

Number 1

Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis

Game Cube, Xbox


That is right I consider this game to be worse than Superman! When, Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis was released I was loving the Justice League TV shows that were on at the time, so I thought Aquaman getting his own game was awesome!!! But man what a load of garbage this game was and still is. To start with the graphics are just horrible! Released in 2004, this game looks like a dated  early 3D PC game! But I can overlook poor visuals if a game is fun to play, but this is the most boring super hero game I have ever played. Swim around for a bit punch, kick and if you want to really live it up…. Grapple with enemies…… then repeat! That is all there is to it and it is made all the worse because controlling Aquaman’s swimming requires the patience of a saint!