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Age of Mythology HD Review

Age of Mythology - Copyright Microsoft

Grey Fro Review: Age of Mythology

This one is a bit older however it has recently been retouched up into an HD version on steam. That being said age of mythology was the first RTS I ever played and damn did it get me hooked. Playing the game now I almost wonder how I was able to play it as a kid, seriously I tried it again recently when the HD version came out and I got my ass handed to me by bots! The game is a typical rts where you gather resources and build an army to fight the other armies progressing through the ages as time goes on, advancing your troops and expanding your empire at the same time of course. With a full breadth of upgrade paths depending on your choices as you progress the game has an almost limitless depth of play when you consider how many opponents you can run at once.

Wage war with the help of the gods

The game sets you in a world of mythology each differing god offers unique units and abilities and there are multiple gods for each army meaning a large pool of factions to play. The units in the game are pretty damn cool, every mythical beast you can think of from Ice giants to harpies to hyppogryphs and even sphinxes! Games can last quite the duration with multiple teams allowed in a single game, things get pretty hair when there are 3 rival nations to fight against! With massive sprawling maps, but an overall limited pool of resources expansion and seizure of resources in key zones and the setup of additional settlements will help you reign victorious over your enemies. However it all comes down to effectively countering your opponent, with options for varying units with your god choices the real aspect of game play that determines the victor is who can effectively defeat the army they are fighting.


Age of Mythology - Copyright Microsoft

Oh and did i mention the campaign?

My favorite part of most RTS games is usually the campaign, while I love multi-player and fighting AI is nothing like fighting against real people. Age of Mythologies campaign is absolutely awesome it spans over a massive arcing story with so many fun and creative missions it’s a blast to run through. This game comes highly recommended by me if your in the market for an old school RTS experience. The HD remix is wonderful to and there is already a thriving multi player community if you never got a chance to play this before now is the time before the community dies off (if it doesn’t stick around of course). With so many options for amazing game play this game really is a truly unique gem of a remake, while some remakes tend to lack luster in terms of added features the age of mythology HD remake is jam-packed with content including an option to stream directly to twitch.

So what are you waiting for? Get into the game!