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Classic Nintendo Games: F-Zero

Classic Nintendo Games


Super Nintendo


Nintendo wanted to make sure that video game fans knew that their brand spanking new, 16-bit powerhouse of a console was better than anything else on the market and one of the games that they would use in the early days of the Super Nintendo to show off its power was, F-Zero.

Nintendo Games - fz3

This was a game that made amazing use of the Super Nintendo’s Mode 7 capabilities and it was also one of the first huge games that was released for the Super Nintendo. I know that where I grew up this was a game that most kids I know who had a Super Nintendo had.


F-Zero was a great looking game back in the early 90’s and it still is now! The game moves very fast and while these days it may not seem as fast as it did back when it was first released, Mode 7 made this game feel like you really were racing at 1000 miles per hour. F-Zero is sent in the distant future and as a result the four vehicles that you can race have a cool, sci-fi look to them. The tracks are set on far off planets like, Big Blue which is some kind of water planet, the hell inspired Fire Field, Sand Ocean with its creepy almost post-apocalyptic style of look and there was even some futuristic cities for you to race on.  Nintendo not only made a great looking game here, they also created a really interesting universe.

Nintendo Games - fz2

The music in F-Zero did a great job in showing the amazing sound capabilities of the Super Nintendo. I would go as far to say that this is one of the very best sound tracks on the Super Nintendo! That is how good the music is in this game. The sound effects of the vehicles also deserve a lot of credit as they whooshes and other sounds help make you think you are driving really fast. In all, F-Zero may be an early game in the life of the Super Nintendo, but it still looks and sounds amazing to this day.

Game Play

What use is a nice looking game if it is no fun to play? No use that is what! But thankfully the game play of F-Zero is every bit as amazing as its graphics. This is just such a fun game to play. You have a choice of four different vehicles and four different cups to race. Each cup has four tracks and different difficulties. You race against the other three vehicles as well as some random vehicles who’s goal it seems is to just get in your way!

Nintendo Games - fz1

F-Zero may sound like it does not have a ton of things to do, but the reason the game was so popular and is still played to those day is that the game play is just so tight and easy to pick up. This is a great game to just throw on for half an hour and have a little fun with. The controls of F-Zero are so smooth that many fans of the game find themselves spending hours and hours in the Practice mode just trying to shave off a few seconds here and there on their best times. This is only a single player game, but it is a game that as a kid me and my friends would pass the controller back and forth trying to beat each other’s times.

Final Thoughts

F-Zero is one of the most fun racing games on the Super Nintendo. It went on to spawn many sequels, but there has not been a new game in the series since the Game Cube release. Still the first game is regarded by many as the best in the series and if it did have a two player mode I am sure it would be held in even higher regard.