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Top 5 WORST 2D To 3D Games

Top 5 WORST 2D To 3D Games

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Hey guys today we are having a little fun looking at what I consider to be the worst games to make the transition from 2D to 3D. These are the games that may have been good  (or just half decent at best) in 2D and then just been horrible when they made the jump to a new generation of gaming.


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Number 5


Nintendo 64

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I was a huge fan of Castlevania as a kid, Castlevania IV is still one of my favorite games of all time! So I was very excited for the first Castlevania game to be released on Nintendo’s 3D powerhouse console, The Nintendo 64. Man I could not have been any more disappointed. I spent £52.99 on Castlevania which is the better part of 100 bucks for this game. Castlevania was just such a hard game to enjoy. The controls took forever to get used to, mission objectives were boring and many of the enemies just felt like they did not belong in a Castlevania game. This is not a horrible game, but it was such a huge disappointment for me.

Number 4

Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Xbox 360, Playstation 3

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Golden Axe was the game that made me want a Sega Mega Drive. It was the first “must own” title for the Sega Mega Drive and was very close to being arcade perfect. It and its sequels were games I had a lot of fun with in the arcade and at home……. But even though it was years and years later, Golden Axe: Beast Rider just could not live up to the originals awesomeness. To start with this feels more like they tried to rip off, God Of War and Heavenly Sword than actually try and bring Golden Axe into the modern era and also the game is just not that much fun to play. The whole game is just so instantly forgettable. It’s not that it does a ton of stuff wrong it is just that it is so mediocre in every way.

Number 3

Mega Man X7

Playstation 2

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Mega Man fans have had a real kicking the last few years from Capcom, but I still remember more than a few years ago when they released this game and I remember going to the store, getting Mega Man X7 and wondering what the hell happened! Now this was the first Mega Man game to offer “full” 3D game play and it was horrible.  There was 2D sections in the game, but all most people remember are the horrible 3D ones.The worst thing about the game was the camera, the clunky and unresponsive controls ….. and the fact that despite being called Mega Man X7, you had to actually unlock Mega Man to play as him……. What the hell!!!! Mega Man X7 is by far my least favorite, Mega Man and actually it was responsible for me losing interest in the series.


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Number 2

Earthworm Jim 34

Nintendo 64

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What the hell happened to Earthworm Jim????? I vividly remember when the first game came out many people were saying it was better than Donkey Kong Country which was release at roughly the same time! Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 were classics, fun platform/shooter games that had a great sense of humor. Earthworm Jim 3D on the other had was a freaking mess. The game had a very troubled development team with the game being passed around, changes made, things taken out, things added and by the time the game was released it was a buggy, low budget looking mess of a video game and the charm that the first two games had was just nowhere to be found.

Number 1

Final Fight: Streetwise

Playstation 2, Xbox

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I read all the bad reviews of this game, but I was such a huge fan of the Final Fight games that I was still excited to get this game. It could not be as bad as everyone said? Well it turns out that it was even worse! Final Fight is such a nostalgic game for me and I cannot believe what Capcom did to the game here! They tried to make it all cool, mature and edgy which is fine I get what they were going for, but the game is just so freaking boring and no fun to play. Capcom were the masters of games like this so if there was one company I felt could make a good old school style beat em up, but in 3D it was them. I was just so disappointed with this game, but I wanted to be wrong so I have actually tried and tried to get into this game ,but it just cannot be done it is horrible in pretty much every regard!