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Playstation Classics: Dino Crisis 2

**Hey guys today I am starting a new series looking back at some of the best, worst and forgotten gems from the world of Playstation!**

Dino Crisis 2


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Dino Crisis 2

Playstation 1


The first Dino Crisis was a huge hit. Made by Capcom it took the Resident Evil formula and put a dinosaur spin on it! The game was a lot of fun, looked great, had a fantastic story and was hard as nails. It was a good mix of puzzles and combat. Dino Crisis 2 changed things up, Dino Crisis 2 was an out and out action game, balls to the wall action might be a better description actually.

Dino Crisis 2 - dc1

Rather than being annoyed at the departure from survival horror that the first game was, most fans embraced it and loved every minute of it. While the first Dino Crisis would be ported to the Dreamcast, sadly Dino Crisis 2 was not.


Dino Crisis 2 at the time it was released had some of the most impressive CG cut scenes of the era. They looked amazing! The story follows, Regina from the first game and a new character a soldier called Dylan. The basic idea of the story is that there has been a horrific accident that has seen a whole town transported back in time due to a malfunction with a time gate. Dylan and Regina are required to go back and find out what on earth has happened. The story is awesome and even the sometimes terrible and funny voice acting can do nothing to spoil it.

Dino Crisis 2 - dc2

The in game graphics I think have actually aged fairly well, sure there is some of that PS1 sharp edges going on, a look that many Playstation games had. But at the time of release this was regarded as a phenomenal looking game and honestly I think it actually still holds up pretty well. Even now in 2015 I think this is a game that is still pretty appealing to look at.



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Game Play

This is where Dino Crisis 2 shines! This is an out and out action game. You go from area to area blowing away any dinosaurs that get in your way, the controls are similar to Resident Evil, but I feel they  are a lot smoother here, Regina and Dylan move a lot faster than any of the characters in Resident Evil. When you kill dinosaurs you will be awarded points. The more dinosaurs you kill without being hit the higher your combo will be and the more points you will get when you leave the area. Points are how you will be buying cool new weapons and also how you go about upgrading them.

Dino Crisis 2 - dc3

Dino Crisis 2 offers a good variety of game play. For the most part it is a 3rd person action game, but there are some other cool sections as well. One will see you on the back of a bad ass 4 x 4 fighting off a heard of triceratops in a section similar to an on rails shooter. There are other sections like this with you on a boat and having to protect a soldier from Raptors. My favorite part of the game is the underwater section where the controls have a weird, but awesome floaty feel to them and the graphics have this wavy effect. What makes this such a fun game to play is that while you will be doing a lot of running and gunning, Capcom throw in one of the on rails section, or a simplistic puzzle to keep things fresh.

Final Thoughts

Dino Crisis 2 is still an incredible game! With all these HD Remastered games that we have these days it kills me that this has not being given un upgrade. Perhaps because, Dino Crisis 3 was such a horrible game is the reason why Capcom decided against making another. The worst thing is, is that Dino Crisis 2 ends on a cliff hanger! A cliff hanger I have waited over a decade to find out what is next for Regina and Dylan. You can pick this game up these days for dirt cheap and it’s a game I cannot recommend highly enough.




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