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Classic Nintendo Games: Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario Bros 2



One of my favorite Mario games as a kid was, Super Mario Bros 2. It is pretty common knowledge by now that the Super Mario Bros 2 we got in the West was different from the one that was released in Japan. With our version of the game being a , well I guess you could call it a re skin of Doki Doki Panic. This resulted in Mario Bros 2 being very different from the original, Super Mario Bros. The funny thing about this is that back when the game was released I do not remember caring about this!

We would eventually get the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2 in the West as part of the Super Mario All Stars Collection. In Japan the game we knew and loved as Super Mario Bros would be called, Super Mario Bros USA.


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Super Mario Bros - mario21


The first thing that I loved about Super Mario Bros 2 when I played it as a kid was the games graphics. At the time I was hugely into the Super Mario Bros Super Show animated series, which I am sure other kids were as well. Well, Super Mario Bros 2 made you feel like you were actually playing through the show. It was really cool and something that made the game even more appealing to whole generation of kids at the time it was released.

Super Mario Bros 2 is a radically differently looking game from both its predecessor and it successor. This is largely in part to the game taking so many elements from, Doki Doki Panic. But despite the different look to it. I do feel that it works very well and makes for a very nice to look at game. While a better looking version of the game was released as part of the Super Mario All Stars package. On the NES, Super Mario Bros 2 is still a great looking game.

Super Mario Bros

Game Play

As well as looking very different to the original, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2 also plays very differently. To start with, jumping on an enemy no longer kills them. Instead you will be able to pick them up and throw them at another enemy, off the world or whatever the heck you want! The general control of the game feels a little different with Mario and his friends feeling a little more “slick” to control. It is not bad, but if you had put in a ton of time with the original Super Mario Bros, you notice right away how differently, Mario handles here.

Super Mario Bros 2 would again allow you to play as Luigi, but Toad and Princess Peach also came along for the ride this time around. This was just such a great touch and each character plays differently. Mario is your all-rounder, Peach can use her dress to float for a couple of seconds, Luigi has a really high and far jump and Toad can run really fast. Messing around with each character as you make your way to put that evil toad Wart (no Bowser here) was a lot of fun.

Super Mario Bros


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Final Thoughts

I loved Super Mario Bros as a kid and I still do to this day! It is just such a fun and “magical” game to play through that it really is one of the best 2D Mario games that has ever been made in my opinion. You can play this in a number of ways and while the NES version will always be my favorite the easiest way to is download it on the Virtual Console.