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Sega Superstar Classics: Ghostbusters

Sega Superstar Classics: Ghostbusters

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Sega Mega Drive


While some may say that until the 2009, Ghostbusters The Video Game that all the Ghostbusters games were utter garbage. I do think that a few of the early games such as the 1990, Sega Mega Drive, Ghostbusters were a lot of fun. When many think of older games to star the Ghostbusters it is the NES and Atari 2600 versions that usually come into mind and not this fun game.

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While released in 1990, Ghostbusters on the Sega Mega Drive is not a tie in with the movie Ghostbusters 2 which was released in 1989. Instead it tries more to tie in with the first movie…….. very loosely I might add, but we will let it off with that as the first movie is more fun than the 2nd anyway.

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The graphics of Ghostbusters capture your attention right away. This is a very nice looking game. No other Ghostbusters game of this era comes close to matching these awesome visuals. The three Ghostbusters………. Once again like in other Ghostbusters games, Winston is missing for some reason. All look super cute, with big giant heads on little bodies. Why this style was chosen I have no idea, but it does work and makes the game just look more fun and makes it a very memorable game.

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As well as the Ghostbusters looking great the designs of the different stages are pretty cool as well with a lot of background detail going on in some places. One thing that really does stand out is the games bosses. Whoever designed the bosses for this game did a great job as not only do they all look really cool, but they are very well animated as well. In all from a presentation point of view  I think that, Ghostbusters on the Sega Mega Drive is a very nice looking game and a game that still holds up pretty well now.

Game Play

The game play of Ghostbusters on the Sega Mega Drive sees you picking your favorite Ghostbuster (well I guess not if Winston was your favorite!) and then you need to pick from a few different buildings and clear them of ghosts. Each house has a number of different ghosts and an end of level boss that you must defeat in order to “save” the house. Game play is fun, but the difficulty is a little un even. For example some enemies can be taken down with a single blast where as others take an ungodly amount of hits to get the hell out of your way. But these enemies that do take a lot of shots do not really pose any kind of threat other than taking an age to kill.

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Two things that I fondly remember about Ghostbusters on the Sega Mega Drive are first of all the funny little cut scenes that the game has to help move the story along and also the cool upgrades that you could buy. In between levels you can buy more powerful equipment from the Ghostbusters HQ which will help you make it through the levels a wee bit easier. The shooting and platforming that you have to do is nice and responsive and in all the game offers a fair challenge. To be honest there is not a lot to the game, but what it does it does do pretty well.

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Final Thoughts

If you are not a Ghostbusters fan then this game probably does come across as a rather, basic and easy shooter/platforming game. But if you love The Ghostbusters like I do then I have no doubt in my mind you would have a fun time with this. Not the type of game you would play through time and time again, but still worth checking out.