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Top 5 Game Trading Mistakes

Top 5 Game Trading Mistakes

Trading Mistakes - gtife

Hey I am sure as gamers there have been times that many of you have traded in a game or perhaps sold a game only for a few days, weeks or perhaps even years to pass and think “what a dumb ass I was!!!” well I am right there with you as in my what is the better part of 30 years of gaming have made some horrible game trading mistakes……….. and here are my worst! Please share your game trading mistakes in the comments below.

Number 5

Xbox 360 Pre Order Give Away!

Trading Mistakes - gti1

This is not really a trade, but more of a giveaway! Back in 2005 just before the Xbox 360 was released I did manage to pre order one in the weeks leading up to its launch. Now I got caught up in the hype and pre ordered without really thinking about it. As the launch got closer and closer I realized (or though) I was not that bothered about getting one. So I gave my pre order to a friend…….. when at the time pre orders were being sold on EBay! To make matters worse once I told my buddy he could have it I pretty much instantly regretted it and then on launch day I could not find one anywhere. It took me about a month to get one at retail!

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Number 4

Batman Forever Collector’s Edition For Street Fighter II

Trading Mistakes - gti2

What is the problem here I am sure you are thinking. I got rid of Batman Forever and got Street Fighter II in return which on paper sounds like the deal of a lifetime. Well as it turns out the Batman Forever I got rid of was this really cool box set that as far as I know was a UK exclusive. It came with a VHS tape and all other types of cool stuff, but best of all it was in this awesome box! I traded it straight up with a friend for his, Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition on the Sega Mega Drive…… a game that can be found everywhere now, but in my years as a collector I have never once came across that Batman Forever collector’s edition I had! Worst of all the buddy I traded it to just wanted the game so got rid of the awesome box and probably lost most of the other stuff as well!

Number 3

Sega Multi Mega (CDX) For £50

Trading Mistakes - gti3

Back in November of 1995 I had just gotten a Playstation for my 15th birthday. I no longer needed my Super Nintendo or Sega Mega Drive collection I thought so I started to sell them off. The worst mistake I made was selling my Sega Multi Mega for just £50 to a friend from school! The Multi Mega was what the Sega CDX was known as here in the UK. I was so desperate to get the money for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 3 on the Playstation that I sold the Multi Mega, two controllers and about 8 Sega Mega CD games (including Sonic) to my friend. A few years ago I would add the Sega Multi Mega to my collection once again……… but I paid a hell of a lot more than £50 for it!

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Number 2

Super Nintendo Collection For Emulation

Trading Mistakes - gti4

While I sold off my entire Sega Mega Drive collection once the era of the Playstation and Nintendo 64 started. I did keep quite a few pieces from my Super Nintendo collection. Most of which I took with me when I went to University. Anyway in 2004 I modded my original Xbox and I had one DVD that contained every single Super Nintendo game ever made! What did I need all these Super Nintendo games for? Super Metroid, Street Fighter Alpha2, Mario World, Donkey Kong, Illusion of Time and many more!!!!! I sold them all along with the system for a stupid price. Many of the games I sold back then I have never been able to replace and some of them have just sky rocketed in price as well. Emulation can never replace the real thing and I found that out the hard way.

Number 1

Home Alone……… For Zelda

Trading Mistakes - gti5

When I think of stupid game trading decisions that I have made this one is always the first that comes to mind. Where I grew up in Scotland there was this little market where you could take a game and trade it for another one. Rather than giving you trade in credit like what most stores offer today. Their games all had letters A-E I think it was with A being the best games and E the not so good. Each trade was £5 and if you had say a C game and wanted an A you had to pay the extra £5 per letter you jumped up.

Anyway I had a mint and I mean freaking mint copy of Zelda: A Link To The Past. I had the map, all the inserts even the little plastic bag that UK SNES games were in when inside the box. It looked brand spanking new. I had beaten the game and was desperate for something new to play so I went to the market. Browsed the games and saw……… Home Alone. I loved the movie and the game had to be great as all movie based games were…….. right? Home Alone had a C letter on it so I only had to pay the £5 to trade it. That is right not only did I trade in one of the best video games of all time for one of the worst I actually paid for the pleasure of doing so! The Link To The Past that I have sitting in my game room right now is in nowhere near as good a condition as the one I traded in as a kid!