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Lego Dimensions Video Game Coming Sept. 2015

Lego Dimensions Video Game Coming September 2015

Lego Dimensions - ldfe

We have Skylanders, we have Disney Infinity, we have Amiibo and now Lego are throwing their hat in the Toys To Life wrestling ring. This has been rumored for a few months now, but Lego have now revealed that their entry to the Toys To Life “war” will be Lego Dimensions.

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Lego Dimensions - LD1

While game play and story details are kind of thin at the moment. We do know that some bad guy is mixing all the Lego worlds together and it is up to Batman, Gandalf and Wyld Style (and a ton of other) Lego figures to save the day. Mixing all the different Lego worlds worked very well in the Lego Movie in both movie and game forms so it’s pretty exciting to see what they are going to do as they will be mixing the worlds of DC, The Lego Movie, Lord Of The Rings, Ninjago, Back To The Future, Wizard Of Oz and possibly many more!

Lego Dimensions - LD6

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So far we know that the starter pack will come with the portal that you need to play the game, Batman, Gandalf, Wyld Style and a Batmobile. The figures stand on these little NFC bases and in theory you can add your own bits of Lego onto the figures and vehicles which does sound pretty cool. One thing that has been rumored is that “special” pieces of Lego will be sold that once added to a figure will then appear in the game.

Lego Dimensions - LD3

Being a Toys To Life game, Lego Dimensions will also be offering plenty of “expansion” packs for you to play with. These so far have been announced as being in three categories. We have Team Packs, Fun Packs and Level Packs with each one offering a different experience. Fun packs are a figure and an accessory. For example the Wonder Woman fun pack comes with a Wonder Woman figure and her Invisible Jet. The Gollum Fun Pack comes with a Gollum Figure and also the Spider, Shelob. These Fun Packs so far are the cheapest way to upgrade and add content to your Lego Dimensions game.

Lego Dimensions - LD5

The Team Packs which so far we only know one of offer you two figures and two accessories and from the pricing that we have seen so far it works out that you save a few bucks compared to burning two single Fun Packs. So far the only Team Pack that has been announced is Ninjago which comes with the figures, Kai and Cole as well as Cole’s Boulder Bomber and Kai’s Blade Bike. Ninjago so far seems to have the most sets announced for Lego Dimensions. It does seem like the world of Ninjago is going to play a major part in this game.

Lego Dimensions - LD2

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The last packs to talk about are Level Packs which offer you a whole new level to play through. This sounds very similar to what Skylanders offers with their “expansion packs” there has been only one pack announced so far, but it is awesome, Back To The Future comes with a new level to play, Marty McFly figure and two vehicles. You get both the DeLorean and also the Hover Board as well. Speaking of Back To The Future one of the coolest pictures we have seen of Lego Dimensions, sees Marty McFly rocking out with his guitar as Batman watched him!

Lego Dimensions - LD4

This sounds a very interesting game with almost limitless possibilities when it comes to mixing different licenses, but ultimately to get the most out of Lego Dimensions you are going to have to drop a lot of money. One thing that will be interesting is to see how after ten years of making games that have usually over a hundred characters already in them, how WB Games are going to justify to gamers (especially parents) that now you have to pay extra to play as many of the characters who have been available in their past games right from the start. Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Wii U owners will be able to play Lego Dimensions at the end of September.