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Top 5 Lego Games

Top 5 Lego Games

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Lego Dimensions is due out later this year and my son could not be any more excited. To tell the truth the Lego games are something that I really enjoy playing through with my son. So I have no doubt that we will be getting into Lego Dimensions when it is released in September 2015. Along with Lego Dimensions we also have, Lego Avengers and Lego Jurassic World to look forward to this year! Anyway there have been a ton of Lego games released so far and I want to share with you my top 5. If you have kids these are just perfect games to play though with them.

Number 5

Lego Rock Band

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To start with I have one of the more forgotten games in the Lego series and that is Lego Rock Band. This game is just so much fun, you create your own little Lego band compete with roadies, managers, groupies and then you go on tour. Rocking out to all kinds of fun songs ranging from movie tunes like Ghostbusters to classics from The Beatles! Lego Rock Band is the easiest music game you can play as it is very forgiving when trying to hit the notes at the right time. This is more about having fun than being a master, Guitar Hero/Rock Band player.

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Number 4

Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga

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This was when, Travelers Tales started to perfect their Lego formula if you ask me. At this point we had already had two Lego Star Wars video games (there is now three games in the Star Wars series) this one would add in new levels, sections and characters and in general just be a lot more fun. Seeing the Star Wars saga unfold in Lego form was an absolute riot and this I am pretty sure is actually the only way to play through the whole Star Wars story from beginning to end in one video game.

Number 3

Lego City Undercover

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Here is a real under rated gem. Lego City Undercover is a Wii U exclusive and dare I say one of the best 3rd party games on the console. I think the fact the game did not have a license to tie in actually really hurt it. Anyway this is just such a fun game, you play as a police officer called Chase McCain who is trying to stop crime in Lego City. The game is in many ways more like Grand Theft Auto than a typical Lego game….. only you are on the side of the law instead. Chase can assume the identities of a number of different Lego people which gives him numerous new abilities. Lego City Undercover is a crazy game that involves gangs, outer space and even a freaking dinosaur. If you have a Wii U then you really need to check this game out. Also with this being a Wii U exclusive, Travellers Tales were able to sneak in many little nods to Nintendo which is awesome.

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Number 2

Lego Batman 2

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Wow mine and my sons jaws were on the floor when we started playing this game. This is where the presentation of the Lego video games got a real kick in the butt. Lego Batman 2 was just so much grander in scale than any other Lego game. It was now fully voice acted which just made the game all that more charming. As well as this though Lego Batman 2 would also introduce a new “free roaming” section to the game play. After a while you are free to run around Gotham City doing whatever the hell you want! You can find extra Red and Gold Bricks, unlock new characters fight bad guys and find just a ton of secrets. I adore this game and I would actually say that this is a better game than the more recently released, Lego Batman 3.

Number 1

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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Here we have my number one Lego video game, Lego Marvel Super Heroes took what was awesome about Lego Batman 2 and made it even better. The story was longer, there was more side and secret missions to do and the free roaming you could do here was just incredible! Now you had the whole of New York City to run around in, find secret levels, save Stan Lee, get to hidden characters and so much more. The Marvel fan service that this game has is just through the roof! Game play wise to some it may seem like the exact same as all other Lego video games, but Lego Marvel Super Heroes tightened things up things like flying and making sense of the map were much easier now and helped make this an incredible game play experience.