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Disney Infinity 3.0 Character Leak!!!!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Character Leak!!!!

Disney Infinity - di3fe

While Disney have yet to come out and confirm if this is true or not. They have however asked a few sites to take down their pictures! So perhaps Disney do have some kind of big reveal planned for E3 or there about and are not too happy about it being spoiled.

The leak shows a classic Mickey Mouse along with Mulan complete in packaging showcasing the 3.0 logo in the corner.  As well as this a promo was released showing, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mulan, Olaf from Frozen, Sam & Quorra from Tron and five characters from the soon to be released, Inside Out movie from Pixar. This is a very interesting list of “Disney Originals” many felt that there was not enough “Disney Originals” in Disney Infinity 2.0 so perhaps this what could be just the first wave is to please those types of fans.

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Sam & Quorra are very interesting in that they have been available as digital only characters on the iOS version of Disney Infinity. Also Tron has played a fairly big part in the last two Disney Infinity games with vehicles weapons and things you can use to decorate the Toy Box. So in this regard it is not surprising at all that these two characters would make it into the game. Many thought these would be released for 2.0, but I guess Disney have decided to hold them back.

Olaf from the smash hit monster of a movie, Frozen, joins Anna and Elsa who were released in the first Disney Infinity game. There was two Frozen Toy Box discs released so fans could make their own, Frozen worlds, games and stories. With Frozen being so huge it is not surprising that Olaf is going to be in Disney Infinity 3.0. I would have thought though that there would have been a Frozen level for people to actually play through. Mulan seems kind of a random character to throw in there. Perhaps her reveal means that there is going to be another series of, Disney Originals made for 3.0. Or maybe, Mulan was chosen as she is a powerful and badass female warrior and Disney wanted to have a very strong Disney Princess in the game?

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Apart from the trailer I do not know a lot about Inside Out. I do find it odd that there is going to be five figures released though! I along with many other fans found it absolutely crazy that in Disney Infinity 2.0 that there was no Big Hero 6 level to play through. But not only that, that there was only 2 characters from Big Hero 6! Maybe they learned from their mistake and have decided to go all out and release all the major characters for this upcoming movie?

Disney Infinity 3.0 will be released later this year. The first two games in the series were huge hits. With last years, Disney Infinity 2.0 focusing on Marvel Super Heroes. Many fans have been thinking (or praying) that this years, Disney Infinity 3.0 will focus on Star Wars. Remember Disney Infinity 2.0 did have Disney Originals so this reveal does not mean that there will be no Star Wars in the new game.

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