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Splatoon & Yoshi’s Woolly World Amiibo Box Sets!

Splatoon & Yoshi’s Woolly World Amiibo Box Sets!

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Ok so we all know that, Nintendo has struck a gold mine with their Amiibo figures. Now I have so far resisted the temptation to “buy them all” and just focused on characters I actually like. I understand how for a person wanting to collect them all it is a total nightmare trying to track them down at retail. Anyway it is not the single figures I want to talk about today it is the awesome, Amiibo box sets that Nintendo have been releasing since Super Smash Bros and that they will be continuing to release!

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Now I am a UK gamer, but I know that these have been available in the USA and rest of the world as well. These box sets though seem to get very little to no attention at all which kind of blows my mind. Here in the UK these box sets if you order them when the game is first released or there about usually work out that you get an Amiibo for half price or if you are lucky and find the right store, for free! I have noticed that the Super Mash Bros Wii U, Amiibo box set that comes with the Mario figure has risen a little bit in price. So perhaps in the future because of the cool box that they come in they will be highly sought after by collectors.

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First up we have Splatoon which looks like it is going to be one hell of a fun game. This is Nintendo’s answer to a 3rd person shooter and I think most Nintendo fans are very excited with how the game looks. As far as the Amiibo’s go we know that there is going to be, Ink Boy, Ink Girl and Inkling Squid released to go along with the game. Interestingly a pack with all three characters has been announced which will be a first for Amiibo’s. There will be a box set that will come with the game and the Inkling Squid, Amiibo which looks really cool.

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The following month, Nintendo will drop Yoshi’s Woolly World which looks amazing and is really shaking things up in the world of Amiibo’s. These are going to look far different from the other Amiibo’s which I think will be interesting to see how people display them with their collections. The Splatoon Amiibo’s will not look too out of place with your Super Smash Bros and Mario Party collection, but the three new Yoshi’s will really stand out. Like with Splatoon there will be a box set that comes with the game and an Amiibo in this case it will be the Green Yoshi that comes with the game.

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The world of Amiibo is only going to get bigger. With the upcoming releases the thing I find most interesting is the three pack of Splatoon figures. Skylanders and Disney Infinity both offer three packs so perhaps this is why Nintendo are doing this as well. While collecting Amiibo’s has turned into a real chore for some people there is no denying they look very cool on a shelf…………. Their functionality in games……… well that is not that great if I am honest, but hey as long as Nintendo keep on making cool figures of my favorite characters they can count me in.