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Top Five Star Wars Video Games

Top Five Star Wars Games

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2015 is a huge year for us Star Wars fans! We of course have the amazing looking, Episode VII coming out this December. As well as this we also have a new Star Wars Battlefront game coming out just before it. Star Wars has more games than perhaps any other license out there. Any top five Star Wars games list is always going to cause a little bit of debate, but here today I have for you my five favorite Star Wars games. Some games came real close to making this list (most notably Lego Star Wars Complete Saga) so it was very hard to narrow this list down.

Number 5

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith

Nintendo DS

Star Wars - t5sw1

This is one of the most under rated Star Wars games. This is very much like a 16-beat em up game which were popular in the 90’s. You play as either Obi-Wan or Anakin and what is really cool is that each character not only plays differently they also allow you to experience the story from different points of view as well. You have a number of different Force attacks you can use via the touch screen which is pretty awesome. There are some light RPG style elements in the game where you can improve your abilities. There are some fun spaceship fighting sections as well which are in full 3-D…… which I know on the DS sounds like it would be terrible, but they are actually a lot of fun.

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Number 4

Super Return Of The Jedi

Super Nintendo

Star Wars - t5sw2

The whole Super Star Wars trilogy is just incredible, but I think by the time Return Of The Jedi was made, the formula had been perfected. You could play as Leia and Wicket as well as Luke, Chewie and Han from the previous game. This is just such a great game and what I think makes it best out of the trilogy is that it has the same tight and fun (and I will also add, varied) game play that Empire Strikes Back has, but the difficulty has been toned down and as a result the game is more fun to play. They also added in a password feature so that you did not have to beat the game in one setting. While I consider this the best of the three Super Star Wars games all three are worth playing through.

Number 3

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic


Star Wars - t5sw3

From this generation of game consoles I do not think I put more time into a game than I did with, Knights Of The Old Republic. Made by the good people at Bioware this is everything that you could want in a Star Wars RPG. The story was fantastic with what felt like just a ton of choices to make and to me at least (I know some will disagree) every choice I made felt like it mattered. This is just such a well-made and fun game to play that if I could go back in time and experience a game again for the first time, Knights Of The Old Republic would be close to the top of my list. There was a good sequel to this game released and it has even been ported to the iOS!

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Number 2

Star Wars


Star Wars - t5sw4

Is it nostalgic reasons as to why this game is so high on my list? Yes and no. I will admit as a child this was one of my favorite arcade games. The sit down cabinet really did make you feel like you were in the Star Wars Universe. The amazing graphics, fantastic sound and best of all fast and furious game play make, Star Wars one of my all-time favorite arcade games. While this is a very nostalgic game for me I do think that it still holds up incredibly well to this day. If you have a Game Cube then you can actually play this game as it is part of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3.

Number 1

Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles

Sega Dreamcast

Star Wars - t5sw5

What? Is what I am sure a few of you fine people are asking yourselves, but this game is just amazing. Released for both Playstation and Dreamcast it is mainly the Dreamcast version I am talking about here. This is a fantastic action game it has more in common with games like Final Fight and Streets Of Rage than it does a typical Star Wars game. You have a number of characters from Episode 1 to pick from and from there you go through each level battling with your light sabre and kicking ass with the force! This game is just so much fun and a game that you do not even have to be a diehard Star Wars fan to enjoy.