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Top 5 Worst Video Games Based On Movies

Top 5 Worst Video Games Based On Movies


These days it seems like when a big new movie is coming out there is some crappy app that sees you needing to match three things in a row or play some kind of card game to tie in with it. Before this there was the tie in video game! Most of the time these were average at best and if you liked the movie then you could probably have fun with the game, some were even actually really good! But the majority of them were less than great and today I want to share with you my top 5 worst video games based on movies!

Number 5

Spider-Man 3

Nintendo Wii


I remember this being one of the early games I was very excited about for the Nintendo Wii. A big deal was made about how using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck made you feel just like Spider-Man when you were swinging which to be honest was kind of fun. The game is not horrible, but I beat this the first night I got it. No exaggeration I beat the story of this game in one sitting the game is that short! The Wii we all knew was not a graphical powerhouse, but holy crap does this look bad. From a distance some of the buildings have no textures on them! How in 2007 does this happen? Spider-Man 3 was one of the most disappointing games I bought for the Wii. The whole game just feels like it was half finished.

Number 4

Total Recall



As a child of the 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger was a hero of mine. So I was very excited to see the game, Total Recall at the place I rented games as a kid. Many movie to game adaptations on the NES did not come out to great and, Total Recall is a prime example of this. This is a side scrolling action game (shocker I know) but you could take the picture of Arnie from the title screen out, change the name of the game and it would not matter. You see I wonder if the people who made this game had even seen Total Recall as it feels like some random game! Everything in this game wants you dead, you cannot take a step without something or someone trying to kill you. I like a challenging game, but this is an unfair challenge a game where you have to play cheaply or exploit the AI just to get by. I freaking hated this game as a kid……. And I still do now.

Number 3

Batman Forever

Sega Mega Drive


Say what you want, but I enjoyed the movie Batman Forever and I was very excited when I got the collector’s edition for the Sega Mega Drive (check out my top 5 game trading mistakes for more on this collectors edirion). This is a game I tried so hard to like, but it is just so slow and boring to play! I actually think the digitized graphics are cool and the idea of using a Mortal Kombat style fighting system is pretty interesting, but it just takes forever to kill enemies in this game. The problem is you knock them on their ass and then they take about three days to get up. Batman Forever is just a very frustrating and frankly not very interesting game to play. I have tried many times to play this game and I will say that the SNES version is slightly better…….. but it is still not a good game.

Number 2

Who Framed Rodger Rabbit



Now here is a painful childhood memory! I bought this game shortly after Christmas 1989 from an import gaming store here in the UK who specialized in selling games from the USA. I had saved most of my Christmas money and spent a lot of time in the store trying to pick a game that looked fun and this was what I spent it on…. What a waste of money! This game is just so hard to play and figuring out what to do is just such a pain in the ass. The game is so poorly designed in pretty much every regard. There are sections where you have to drive a car and I swear the controls are just flat out broken! Horrible controls, terrible graphics and the fact you do not actually play as Rodger Freaking Rabbit were enough for me to beg my dad to take the game back to the store. Thankfully the owner allowed me to do this and I ended up getting Duck Tales! So there is a happy ending to my time with this game, but still this is just a god awful and horrible gaming memory I have.

Number 1

Charlie’s Angels

Playstation 2


Here it is the worst game based on a movie I have ever played. How this game is not on more “worst games of all time” lists blows my mind. The game looks horrific how Camron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu never sued for how bad they made them look in this game is amazing! I can put up with an ugly game if it is fun to play and I found the movie, Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle a lot of fun so I gave this game a try. Wow this is bad…… like so freaking bad! I have never played a game that has so many “invisible walls” to stop you going places. Each location feels like, ¾ of it you cannot go to. The combat in the game is floaty and horrible with the general controls being unresponsive. This is a game that honestly has no redeeming features what so ever. I would love to know if anyone has actually sat down and beaten this game.

This is my top 5 worst video games based on movies and I would love to know what games would make your top 5 list.