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Playstation Classics: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Playstation 2

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While, Activision well and truly ran the Tony Hawk’s series into the ground. For many years this was one of the top video game franchises. The yearly released, Tony Hawk game was something that many gamers (especially me) looked forward to. Starting life out during the generation of the original Playstation. Out of all the consoles it would be the Playstation 2 which would see the most Tony Hawk games released for it with an incredible, seven titles in the series released.

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While the series seemed to have died with the less than fantastic HD remake of the first game, Activision do seem like they have pretty big plans for their Tony Hawk franchise in 2015. Anyway today I am looking at what is actually my favorite game in the series, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4.


Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 to be honest looks pretty much just like the third game in the series. I do think that the levels are a little bit more crazy this time around and they are certainly larger, but there has not been a huge leap in the graphics from the last game. Which to be honest is not a big deal at all as this is a series that requires your full attention to what you are actually doing so you do not really have time to be looking at everything that is going on in the background. Still I do think this is a very nice looking game and it sure as hell will not hurt your eyes.

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The soundtrack was always a big deal for the Tony Hawk games. By the time this fourth entry in the series was released Activision practically had bands begging to be in the game! There is a good mix of rap and rock music here and the soundtrack in general is pretty awesome. One thing I will say is that the Xbox version of this game did allow you to use your own custom tracks which was really cool.

Game Play

This is what the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series was all about! Tony Hawk 4 made a huge change from the third game in the series in terms of its core game mode. A change that you either love or you hate….. I loved it. In past Tony Hawk games you would have three minutes to complete as many challenges, find secrets and have a good time in general. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 changed this! Now you had the freedom to just skate around the levels and talk to people who would then issue you with a challenge. Completing challenges was required to learn new skills, buy new gear, new skaters and unlock new levels as well. It was a lot of fun to be able to just skate around and practice before taking on a tricky challenge. Some people did not like this new formula, but I actually think it is better.

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Some people think that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 has not quite as smooth controls as the third game, but I would have to disagree with this. This is a game that you simply must practice at if you want to get good at it. Some challenges are very easy and can be done by anyone, but others really require you to put the time in and make sure you are a skilled player. While some frown at this I see it as offering both a quick, pick up and play type of experience as well as being a game that has some serious depth to it as well. To truly beat all the levels and find every single secret is going to take you some serious time. Levelling up skaters and improving their stats is also a lot of fun and by the end of my time with this game I pretty much had everyone maxed out! This is a game that will take you a long time to truly complete which is a great thing if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

Out of the original four Tony Hawk games this is always the one that I will go back and play. To be honest the Xbox version looks a little smoother, but I prefer the PS2 controller. Still both versions are fantastic. Anyway this is the best Tony Hawk game! If you only want one in your collection then this is the one to get.