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Batman Arkham Knight: Is The Season Pass Over Priced?

Batman Arkham Knight: Is The Season Pass Over Priced

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As far as big games in 2015 goes one of the biggest to be released is the fifth game in the Arkham series, Batman Arkham Knight which will be released on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in June. The last couple of days have seen the Season Pass announced for the game and more than a few gamers are not happy!

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Now the last two games in the Arkham series have had DLC and it has been pretty damn good DLC as well. Adding in extra challenge maps and even new chapters to the story to name the major stuff that us gamers got to extend the great experience we had with the games. So in this regard the fact that Arkham Knight is going to have DLC is not surprising at all. It is the price that they are asking for their Season Pass that has put many people over the edge.

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Being from the UK I will be asked to pay £32.99 for the Season Pass, people in the USA will be asked to pay $39.99! This is over half the price of the actual game and Rocksteady have not really said what gamers will be getting for this. They have vaguely said that there would be new story content, challenge maps, skins for both characters and the Batmobile and also some new race tracks. But they have not come out with a list and said. Here is what you guys are going to get over the next six months if you pay for this Season Pass. I am a huge fan of the Arkham series and will admit that I have bought much of the DLC, but I have a hard time imagining that a lot of people are going to spend this kind of money without knowing what exactly they will be getting. Hey it could turn out that once all the content has been announced that this is actually one hell of a great deal. But right now it is like Rocksteady themselves do not even know exactly what they are going to offer.

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As far as the game goes the trailer that we got recently just made it look all that much more awesome! With Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman being shown, Batman Arkham Knight is looking better and better every time more information, videos and screen shots are leaked for the game. Still I think that no matter how good the game looks. I think that many gamers are starting to get a little bit sick or at the very least not sure about dropping money on Season Passes. Part of the problem I think people had with the price of the DLC was that Mortal Kombat X has been heavily criticized for the way it has handled DLC so perhaps, Arkham Knight is getting a little bit of the backlash from that.

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Make no mistake, Batman Arkham Knight looks incredible and for many (myself included) this is a day one purchase. But I am very interested to see what the sales figures are for the Season Pass. To justify the kind of money they are asking I would really like to see at least two story missions included as part of this pack. I would love to hear from some of your guys, your thoughts on the pricing of this Season Pass.