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Sega Superstar Classics: Aladdin

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Sega Mega Drive


The 16-bit era really as a golden age for platform games. One thing that many people over look is that back then, Disney games were mostly held in high regard and seen as something of high quality. Aladdin was a huge movie and one of the best Disney movies of the 1990’s so there was a lot of interest in the Aladdin video game when it was released.

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These days if a movie tie in game is released most of the time it is one game ported to numerous systems. While this did happen back in the 90’s. Sometimes a game would only share the same name and be totally different on each system, Aladdin is a great example of this with Capcom taking charge of the Super Nintendo version and Virgin Interacting making the game for Sega.

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Aladdin is one of the best looking games on the Sega Mega Drive! I know this is a bold statement, but I still feel that even to this day, Aladdin is a fantastic looking game. The look and feel of the movie was captured just so well that it is crazy to think this game is over 20 years old! Aladdin was developed by Virgin, but Disney were very deeply involved in the games development as well. As a result, Aladdin features some of the most breath taking animation of any game that was released on the Sega Mega Drive. I am not trying to start an argument here, but I always felt for the most part, Super Nintendo versions of multi-platform games looked better, but Aladdin on the Sega Mega Drive looks better than the Super Nintendo version…….. which in its own right is a fine looking game.

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This is a great looking game we have already established, but the music here is equally as impressive. All the songs from the movie are here and the Sega Mega Drive does a wonderful job in bringing them to life. Story wise, Aladdin does follow the plot of the movie very well and even if you had never seen the movie you will know what is going on. If you have seen the movie though, you will get a huge kick out of how well scenes from the movie have been recreated.

Game Play

What use is a great looking game if it is no fun to play? No freaking use that is what! Luckily, Aladdin is a lot of fun to play and is very action packed. There is a good mix of platforming that you will have to do as well as a lot of times you have to kick some serious ass with your sword. Aladdin moves very well and you will not have any issues controlling him. The only issue that I ever had (and still do) is that sometimes the collision detection can be a wee bit off. To help with this though, Aladdin can throw apples at enemies before he hits them which gives you less chance taking a hit or two.

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Another thing that makes this such a cool game to play is just how well designed the levels are. Some of them feel huge and you wonder when, if ever they will end and I do not mean that in a bad way! One of the best sections in the game is when you are trying to get out of the Cave Of Wonders while riding on the magic carpet. There is no save game or even a password feature so this is a game that you will have to beat from start to finish, but the game is so much fun to play you really will not mind at all.

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Final Thoughts

Aladdin is a fantastic game and one of the very best that is on the Sega Mega Drive. Thankfully this game was made in huge quantities and picking up a copy is nice, easy and will not cost you all that much either.