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Nintendo Announce They Will Have Five Smartphone Games!


Nintendo president,  Satoru Iwata at a recent investor meeting said that by March 2017 there will be at least five Nintendo based games for Smartphones. Nintendo have said that they are going to be serious about getting into the Smartphone gaming business. While no major details have been announced we do know that one of the major producers of Mario Kart will be the main force behind Nintendo’s mobile assault that starts later in 2015.

While five games may not sound like a huge amount. It is worth noting that Nintendo do have a very smart strategy behind this “small” number of games. From what has been said it seems like Nintendo plan to release a game and then support it for a little while before moving on to the next game. Updates for popular Smartphone games are the norm these days and Nintendo themselves have done an incredible job in making sure that some of their Wii U games are supported for a while after release such as Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. So them saying they are going to support their mobile games really is not surprising. For example it is entirely possible we could see a Smartphone, Mario Kart game and then in the weeks that follow, Nintendo support the game with updates, tracks characters to keep the game fresh and fun until their next game is ready.

Will These Games Tie In To Wii U & 3DS Games?


Of course at the moment we are all just speculation about what these mobile games will be, but that is part of the fun of being a gamer. Will Nintendo make sure that their mobile games at least in a small way tie into an upcoming Wii U or 3DS game? For example will there be a Smartphone, Legend Of Zelda game released in 2016 at around the same time the new Legend Of Zelda game is released on the Wii U? Perhaps these, Nintendo Smartphone games will be their own entity entirely and we could see a whole new series of Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Donkey Kong games that are only on Smartphones? Again it is all speculation, but if there is one game company who like to do things their own way (which I admit can be frustrating at times!) it is Nintendo so it is fun to imagine what they are going to do.

This Could Hook A New Generation Of Kids!


I personally think, Nintendo making these Smartphone games is a very smart idea. As a guy in his 30’s (early 30’s by the way) I have been hooked by Nintendo for decades…… like many other gamers my age. As long as Nintendo release a Mario, Zelda or one of their other franchises, they will have a large group of gamers who will buy it. These days though we have a whole generation of kids who are perhaps more likely to ask for the latest, iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet than a games console. Now by having these Smartphone games Nintendo first of all can make some money from these people. But more importantly they are introducing their characters to a new generation of gamers, gamers who may not at first think they need a console or a dedicated gaming hand held. But once they see how cool and fun these iconic Nintendo franchises are then they may decide “hey I loved this Mario game on my iPad I bet the one on console is even better” .

I love the games that Nintendo make, but I look forward to all the new Nintendo games first of all because of the nostalgic connection I have with these characters/games. Some kids these days and in the years to come will not have that connection at all and these Smartphone games are a great  way for Nintendo to try and do it.