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Top Five Worst Fighting Games!!!


I am a huge fan of fighting games. The amount of money I spent on games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown was nuts. Especially when I had most of these games in some form at home. Anyway the 90’s saw a real boom of fighting games with most of them falling into obscurity and being forgotten about. Well today I want to look at the top five worst fighting games that I have ever played!

Number 5

Double Dragon V


Double Dragon V was released on Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive and Atari Jaguar right at the height of the Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat boom. This is not a horribly made game. As a matter of fact it does represent the Double Dragon animated series that it is based on well, but the whole game is just so unnecessary. Why does this game even exist? It is a by the numbers as basic as you can get fighting game that is just pretty boring to play. Why did they feel a need to make Double Dragon a one on one fighting game?????

Number 4

Sonic The Fighters


This was a game I had heard about, but I never had the chance to play until it was released as part of the Sonic Gems Collection. Sonic The Fighters is a fighting game that you can complete by pressing the punch or kick button as fast as you can the whole damn time. No need to use special attacks, move around or anything like that, you literally can beat this game by pressing just the one button. The odd time the AI does manage to get a hit on you will most of the time see them start to spam attacks like you were just doing! Graphics and character designs I think are well done, but there is pretty much zero game play here.

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Number 3

Clay Fighter 63 1/3


I remember when the first Clay Fighter was released on the 16-bit consoles as it was done with quite the hype and fanfare. I enjoyed the Clay Fighter games….. sure they were not perfect, but they looked great had awesome sound and it (the first game mainly) was something I spent a great deal of time with. This Nintendo 64 exclusive game is just horrible! It had a very rough development time and was released nearly a year after it was supposed to…… I hate to think what state the game was in if what they put on store shelves was the “finished” product. This is a game that I still think looks great, with interesting characters. Game play though is slow boring and just very frustrating.

Number 2

Shaq Fu


Man I actually spent full retail price of £49.99 on this game when it was released on Super Nintendo. I was a huge basketball fan back in the day and I loved Shaq so to me a game that mixed Shaq with fighting sounded epic!!!! Sadly this game is just freaking horrible to play. Terrible controls, lame character designs and awful graphics make Shaq Fu a just horrible game. The funny thing is though I kind of got a kick out of the ridiculous story that the game had! Sadly game play wise it was no fun to play, but if Shaq ever did have to enter another dimension to rescue a kid from monsters then I do think this game is pretty accurate as to what would happen.

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Number 1

Rise Of The Robots


Here it is the worst fighting game I have ever played, Rise Of The Robots! This was a game that had a lot of press in video game magazines back in the day. It had some of the most amazing graphics seen at the time. The robots that were in this game had so much time, effort and money put into making them look so amazing that there was no game play!!!! I mean that by the way. This game is just horrible to play. I have zero good things to say about, Rise Of The Robots from a game play point of view. To start with you cannot choose a character and even in two player mode, player one has to always be the default  Cyborg robot. The game is slow, sluggish and has just horribly unresponsive controls. I freaking hate this game with a passion and it blows my mind that it does not appear on more “worst game” lists.