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Capcom Bringing More HD Remasters To PS4 & Xbox One


While Capcom have done a pretty good job in annoying some of their fans over the last few years, Capcom is still responsible for some of the biggest franchises in the history of gaming. During a recent question and answer session, Capcom sound like they are going to really embrace more of their franchises as they stated that making more HD Remasters is going to be a huge part of its strategy moving forward.

HD Remasters were very popular last generation, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, God Of War and Capcom’s own, Devil May Cry all received a HD lick of paint and were re-released. Capcom were very pleased with the sales of their Resident Evil HD Remaster that was released on a multitude of consoles. Capcom have stated that the sales of Resident Evil went above what they expected, but they made it a point to mention that they feel it was because the game was digital it sold so well!


Capcom said some very odd things about how HD Remasters are hard to sell in physical form because of things like shelf space in game stores and the dwindling number of game stores in general…… honestly to me it sounds like they are just trying to make excuses for only wanting to make there HD Remasters digital in order to maximize their profits….. which I totally get and that is cool, but do not come out and make it seem like you want to make physical releases, but there are too many obstacles in your way in order to do so. I am sure most publishers if they could would only sell digital. They get to control the price and get to stop their games being sold pre owned. I get it I really do, but that does not mean I like it! These HD Remasters are really cool to actually own a physical copy of and I just wish Capcom would be more open to having both digital and physical releases of these upcoming games.

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So the big question most of us have is what HD Remasters can we expect? In June, Capcom have Devil May Cry 4 coming out, but after that perhaps we will finally see Onimusha  brought back as a HD Remaster which if the sales are good enough could lead to a reboot of the series. Viewtiful Joe was another popular Capcom franchise that just disappeared, but a HD Remaster collection could be just what the series needs to bring it back! While Capcom have already released HD versions of Darkstalkers and Street Fighter on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 a collection of Darkstalker games and Street Fighter Alpha games I am sure would make for a fantastic collection. For me personally I would love a Dino Crisis HD Remaster of all three games……. Yeah I would even take the 3rd one!


I know that some are down on HD Remasters as they would rather play new games! But I for one thing they are kind of cool and having a collection of games in one package, especially if they are good games is always a great idea to me. In the cases of franchises like Viewtiful Joe and Onimusha it also lets Capcom see if there is still a demand for these series.

I would love to know what your guys views on HD Remasters are in the comments below.