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Sega Superstar Classics: Sonic Adventure


Sonic Adventure

Sega Dreamcast


The Dreamcast was Sega’s attempt to undo all the wrong that they had done in the previous years. hey I loved the Saturn, but Sega made some strange decisions and they were well and truly destroyed by the Playstation. With the Dreamcast they tried to do everything right and in the early days of the console things looked very good and like Sega had a real winner on their hands with their powerful console….. unfortunately there was also was the shadow of the Playstation 2 over the Dreamcast!


Sonic Adventure would be released with the Sega Dreamcast and would be the must own title for the console on launch. This was Sega bringing Sonic into the world of 3D gaming and at the time people were pretty pleased with what Sega had done with their first Sonic game on the Dreamcast.


Starting with Sonic Adventure, Sega really went all out to create and expansive world for Sonic and his friends. Sonic Adventure is a very story driven game with the main theme being, Sonic trying to as you would expect put a stop to Dr Eggman. The voice acting may not be great, but you have to give the guys and gals at Sega a ton of credit for the story that is in this game and trying to make the events of the game seem really important. You know I would say that actually, Sonic Adventure is pretty damn under rated as far as the games story goes! One cool thing about the story is that you can play as multiple characters, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, E-102 and Big The Cat.


Graphics wise, Sonic Adventure I feel still holds up pretty well to this day. The different world/levels in the game all have their own look and style. Sonic Adventure is a bright and colorful game that moves at a very brisk pace. Actually sometimes, especially when you are playing as Sonic, the game can move a little too fast and you miss out on some of the amazing detail that is in the levels. Even now over 15 years later I have no issues about the way this game looks.

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Game Play

Sonic Adventure has a lot of variety to its game play. You have two different types of stages, adventure and action. Adventure stages are really slow paced where you walk around areas, solving puzzles, talking to characters and generally moving the story along. Some people are not keen on these sections as they feel it does slow the game down, but I think they add more depth to the game and do help flesh out the story. The action stages are more of what you would expect from a Sonic game. Running to the end of the level, collecting rings and killing bad guys along the way! Playing as other characters changes game play up even more, Big The Cat has fishing missions, Knuckles can glide, E-102 can shoot lasers and in general each character has their own “thing! Which makes you want to spend time with each of them.


Now let me say Sonic Adventure is a game that has a ton of great ideas and was a game I had a great time with, but Sonic Adventure is not without its issues! There is one thing that knocks some major points off the game and that is the camera. Having a good camera is something more than a few Sonic games have struggled with since he went 3D! I would go as far to say that the camera is the hardest enemy in the game! It always seems to change at the worst possible time, causing you to die more often than you would think or make something as “easy” as jumping from one place to another very tricky. It really hurts the game and makes going back and playing it a chore. I imagine a younger gamer playing this for the first time would have a really frustrating experience dealing with the camera.

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Final Thoughts

I loved Sonic Adventure when it was first released back in 1999 and to be honest I still enjoy it now….. but I have spent years with this game and can deal with its blatant and infuriating flaws……. Still I have to admit that these flaws are there and it does mean that Sonic Adventure has not aged as gracefully as the 2D Sonic games. Still this can be picked up very cheaply and while I love the Dreamcast original I do prefer the version that was released for Game Cube.