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Sega Focusing On Quality By Ditching 19 Mobile Games!


You know while many gamers like to say that Sega have not been great since the days of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis the fact of the matter is that since Sega got out of the console business they have developed and published some pretty incredible games the better part of the last 15 years. As well as making some pretty awesome games, Sega have published some very cool titles like Vanquish and Bayonetta. Well while thinking about their “image” Sega have decided to get rid of 19 of their mobile games that no longer meet their standards!


Now most of the games that make up this list are from the Super Monkey Ball Franchise with seven games, but as well as this, Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe,  Altered Beast, Ecco, Phantasy Star 2, Space Harrier 2, Virtua Fighter 2 and Jet Set Radio are getting canned. All of these were (and some still are) big franchises for Sega. Most of these games have suffered from being awkward to control. For example as amazing as having Streets Of Rage on your mobile device is….. in theory. Certain games like Streets Of Rage no matter how good the intentions of the developer are, simply are not suited to be controlled with a virtual joystick or touch control. I would say that control issues are the reason that most of these games have been met with a frosty reception in the time they have been available.


What is interesting about this is that there is talk that Sega are making a somewhat big deal about this because they plan to pull these games then re-release them, but with new “better” controls. Sega are always going to re-release their greatest hits as there will always be a demand for them. Personally I have bought the Streets Of Rage series probably on five different devices now and if Sega were to re-release it for mobile devices with “better” control then I would be in!

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Sega have done this kind of thing before! But it was on console and not mobile. With games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generation, Sega had managed to make Sonic seem cool, relevant and like they were back on track with their Sonic games. To keep the momentum going, Sega decided it was best to distant themselves from some of their lesser, Sonic games like Sonic And The Black Knight which was released on the Nintendo Wii and pretty much universally hated for being such a horrible game. The point I am making is that, Sega are willing to just ditch something if they think that it is going to make them look bad.


So to some while it may not seem like a huge deal that Sega are taking many of their games away from the various mobile stores. It is still pretty interesting to think why are they doing this? Is it to re-release them with better controls like we said up above or does Sega have something else up their sleeves. I for one wonder how they can take away Golden Axe, but leave on their that god awful, Crazy Taxi game!