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Playstation Classics: Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot

Sony Playstation 1


Back in 1996 many people saw Crash Bandicoot as the mascot that Sony needed. Hell I remember many game magazines having advertisements for the game where Crash would be standing in front of Nintendo headquarters making fun of Nintendo! Nintendo had Mario, Sega had Sonic and now it looked like, Crash Bandicoot was going to be the mascot for Sony.


While the first few Crash games would remain Playstation exclusives. After a while, Naughty Dog would no longer be the people making the Crash Bandicoot games and as a result, Crash was now free to appear on other consoles like the original Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube. It has been heavily rumored that during E3 2015 a new Crash Bandicoot game will be announced.

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Crash Bandicoot looked fantastic and it actually still looks pretty nice today. Crash is a fun loving and very likable character and the antagonist of the game Dr  Neo Cortex was awesome and in general the whole world that Crash Bandicoot was set in from the lush jungles to the temples was very visually appealing. At a time when many video games were going for that “ultra realistic” style of visuals, Crash Bandicoot really did stand out and looked like an actual cartoon. I  think the whacky and crazy visuals and fantastic art design are what makes, Crash Bandicoot still look nice to this day…… even if it is a little bit jaggy.


The story in Crash Bandicoot is fun and sees our hero being held captive by the evil Dr Neo Cortex. Dr Neo Cortex along with his assistant, Dr Nitrus Brio have a Evolvo-Ray which they use to make all kinds of animals turn into these big, strong and tough monsters who will do their bidding. Crash does not get turned evil by the Evolvo-Ray and manages to escape, but a female bandicoot called, Tawna is still being held captive so Crash needs to save her! The story is fun, silly and the characters are all very likable.

Game Play

This is a very fun game to play that in theory does not have a lot to it, but when the game is this much fun to play through then who cares? Crash Bandicoot is a 3D platform/action game….. actually that was something that was debated when the game came out, whether or not it was actually a 3D game, while back in 1996 it was a big deal for a game to be full 3D, now it really does not matter. Anyway while Crash can walk wherever he wants, he is always on a narrow path. Some levels do have a few branching paths, but for the most part the game is set along straight paths.


The levels for the most part see Crash walking into them, but the game does change things up every now and again with Crash having to run away towards the player or even with some side scrolling sections. Crash can attack enemies by jumping on their heads or using a spin attack move. Controlling Crash is a lot of fun as the controls are very responsive and while the levels are quite linear, you never really care as the game moves at such a fast pace. This is the type of game is so much fun to play that you will pick and with the intention of playing for just a few minutes and then an hour later wonder where the time went.

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Final Thoughts

This was a great early exclusive for the original Sony Playstation. Many gamers at the time said this was the Mario killer! While I do not agree with that, Crash Bandicoot was still an incredibly fun game, a game that holds up well in every regard to this day. While I enjoy this game I do think that the two sequels which were also Playstation exclusives improved on the game.