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Big Games Of E3 2015


E3 2015 is just about here we already know what some of the confirmed games will be, but E3 usually throws up a few surprises for us gamers to get all excited about. Well today I am taking a look at what games I cannot wait to see at E3 and also a few things that I would love to see!

Big Exclusive Games

Xbox One


Gears Of War

We already know that in some form a new Gears Of War title for the Xbox One is going to be revealed at E3, but what exactly it is we are not sure. I have heard it is going to be Gears Of War 4, the remake of Gears Of War 1 that was leaked and I have even heard a rumor of a reboot of the whole series! Gears Of War is one of the biggest exclusive franchises Xbox has and I and I am sure many of you am very excited to see what the next game in the series will be.

Playstation 4


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted was one of the best series of the last generation. Each game took things to a new level so it is very exciting to see what the next chapter of Nathan Drake’s adventures will be. This is going to be a huge exclusive for the Playstation 4. Uncharted was a game that saw many people buy a PS3 just to play. Along with Uncharted 4 it has been rumored that an Uncharted collection featuring the first three games (and possibly the VIta one) being also announced.

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Nintendo Wii U


Star Fox

We saw a tech demo last year of Star Fox, but I really think that this new Star Fox game is going to blow peoples socks off! With Zelda not being released this year, Nintendo will be needing Star Fox to really blow people away. I have been a huge fan of the Star Fox series (or Starwing as it was called here in the UK) And I like you guys have been waiting years for a new game in the series. So little is known about this, but Nintendo very rarely disappoints with their first party offerings.

Big Multi-Platform Games


Kingdom Hearts III

It seems like this game has been in development forever!!! Has it really been ten years since Kingdom Hearts II? While seeing, Kingdom Hearts III at E3 is going to be awesome I really hope, Square come out and actually give us a release date for this game. I am excited to see what Disney world’s we will be visiting this time. Kingdome Hearts II still looks incredible to this day so I cannot wait to see how amazing this looks on Xbox One and PS4. I also hope there is a little bit of Star Wars and Marvel thrown in here as well.

Mass Effect 4

The Mass Effect Trilogy is worthy of being called epic! It was one of the best sci-fi adventures that I have ever been on! Coming to both Playstation 4 and Xbox One I am genuinely very interested to see where the story of Mass Effect 4 is going to go. While the ending to 3 had mixed reviews I was satisfied with the conclusion of Commander Sheppard’s adventure and I really cannot wait to see what this whole new adventure (with a brand new set of characters) will be about. Some things have been leaked, but it is going to be great knowing for sure what the deal with this game is.


The granddaddy of first person shooters is back and I am sure it is going to kick all kinds of demon ass! The leaks we have seen of Doom have looked pretty damn cool and just like what we would expect a new Doom game to be. Doom 3 was a lot of fun and I am sure this new game will be just as much fun. Doom is a game where you do not want them to reinvent the wheel, you just want them let you to blow away monsters with some really kick ass guns!

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Some Things I Would Love To See

A New 3D Mario Game

I loved, Super Mario 3D World as a matter of fact it is one of my favorite Mario games of all time! But I really hope that Nintendo have a new 3D Super Mario game for us. I would be equally cool with a Super Mario Galaxy 3 or a brand new adventure.

New God Of War Game

One of my favorite game series is God Of War and while you could argue that God Of War 3 did bring the quest of Kratos to an end. I for one still think there is a lot of story to be told in the God Of War world! We know that God Of War 3 will be shown, but I would freaking love it if they surprised us with a brand new God Of War game, hell I would even be happy with a new God Of War game on the Vita!

New Conker Game

Why in the bluest of blue hell have Microsoft not done more with Conker? That “game” that was part of Project Spark was fun, but I want a full on, foul mouthed Conker platform adventure. This would be a huge exclusive for the Xbox One and also there is not a ton of 3D platform games on the console so it would really stand out.

So what games are you excited to see at E3 and what games do you hope are revealed? Please leave comments in the section below.