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Sega Superstar Classics: Mega Bomberman


Mega Bomberman

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis


The Bomberman games have been popular on pretty much every console they have appeared on for over 30 years. Hell there is actually still a demand for Bomberman games to this day with a version being released for Xbox Live a few years ago. I am sure it is only a matter of time before Bomberman appears on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. I came into the Bomberman series kind of late and it was not until, Super Bomberman on the Super Nintendo I got into the series, but this game right here was the one that hooked me as a kid.


Mega Bomberman was released on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis back in 1994 and was a port of the game, Bomberman 94 which was released for the PC Engine (Turbo Grafx) while Bomberman is a Hudson Soft franchise and it was actually Hudson Soft he published the game on PC Engine. It would actually be Sega themselves who would publish Mega Bomberman. Mega Bomberman would be the only Bomberman game to be released for a Sega console in the West.


Graphically, Mega Bomberman is not quite as sharp as the Super Nintendo Bomberman games, but that is not me putting the game down. This is still a very lovely looking game that has some great and interesting battle arenas, crazy bosses and a pretty damn awesome soundtrack as well. One thing that is impressive is the game’s opening cinematic which has a fun cartoon type vibe to it. Mega Bomberman is a game that just oozes personality and it does not need fancy graphics to catch you attention. Mega Bomberman had different styles of Bombermen which was awesome, you had a rock star, fat guy, kid, book worm and a few more as well. These different Bombermen just gave the game more personality.


The story of Mega Bomberman is about how an evil entity known as Bagular has come to Bomber Planet and destroyed the Spirit Pictures which is the “power” of the Spirits who protect the planet! This results in the home of the Bombermen being split into pieces and Bomberman needing to get the Spirits powers back and put back together the planet. The story to be fair is very charming and you have to give credit to Hudson Soft (well Westone) for making a real effort with the story.

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Game Play

There are two modes of play to Mega Bomberman, there is a single player “story” mode and the battle mode. To start with the story mode is kind of fun, you traverse through different areas each with their own theme, Jamin Jungle, Vaxin Volcano, Slammin Sea, Crankin Castle, Trashin Thrundra and lastly the evil boss level of Bagular! These levels are fun and will see you needing to blow up smaller enemies before making your way to a boss. This is a fun mode, but if this was all the game had to offer then it really would be a 5/10 at the very best…….. but this is not all, Mega Bomberman has to offer!


Battle mode is where all the fun in this game is at. Honestly my memories of this are some of the best gaming memories I have. You pick a Bomberman and then you need to try and kill the other three players (or CPU) you have bombs to do this, but there are plenty of power ups at your disposal. You can get more bombs, bigger blast radius, speed boosts, a virus and plenty other things to help you out. Rooey’s were introduced in this game which are kangaroos you can ride on, Rooey’s each have their own power (dependent on what color they are) one can run fast, one can kick bombs and one can dance….. yeah the dancing one sucks. In multi-player this is some of the most fun you can have. In my case most of the time I would end up blowing myself up in my quest to destroy my friends! There are a number of different arenas to battle in ranging from a basic one to one with conveyor belts and all other kinds of “traps” that can get in your way.

Final Thoughts

Based on the battle mode alone, Mega Bomberman is just incredible I just look at the single player portion of the game as an added bonus and it can help sharpen your skills for battle mode. Honestly grab yourself a Mega Drive, 4 player adapter, three buddies and a copy of this game and you are in for hours and hours of fun. Truth be told the Super Bomberman games are also a lot of fun, but me and my friends always had more fun with this one. I hand on heart, honestly consider this to be the best multi player game on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis!

10/10 (and I really mean this as well)