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A Few Thoughts On Destiny: House Of Wolves DLC


I was lucky enough to be one of the people who got to test Destiny on PS4 before it was released and right away I knew that it was going to be a fun game. Now I know that some people are not too keen on Destiny or they bought the game, put a lot of time into it, had their fill and moved on. Well Bungie have said they have a ten year plan with Destiny and the latest part of their plan is their House Of The Wolves DLC. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the DLC and give you guys an idea if it is something for you.


The story to start with is a lot of fun. I have really enjoyed the universe that Bungie have created and the story of House Of Wolves sees The Queen Of The Awoken ordering her Guardians to hunt down and destroy The House Of The Wolves who were once loyal to her cause, but now are not. I love the lore of Destiny, but I just wish that there more explanation there is not a single cut scene here moving the story along!!!! I love the idea of this rouge group of Fallen who have turned their back on the Queen Of The Awoken, but there was not enough to really invest me in the story. Idea was amazing, but the story really does not feel all that important to be honest which given its great premise is disappointing.

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Still while the story missions (of which there are five) may not have blown me away, House Of The Wolves does offer a lot of bang for your buck. First of all loot! In my first few hours spent with the game I got a couple of exotics and some new legendary gear that is new to this DLC. So it is really cool how “easy” it is to score some of the new and exciting loot that is offered as part of this DLC. Some may frown upon this, but I for one am happy there is not as much grinding required to get all of the cool stuff that is here.


In addition to getting some quick and easy loot, House Of The Wolves offers you fun new maps in, Broken Legion, Urrox’s Revenge and Skolas’s Revenge these are a lot of fun and something I am sure is going to keep us entertained…… until the next DLC comes out. The Prison Of Elders was my favorite part of the DLC offering you three waves, each one having five rounds of enemies to survive against this right here is Destiny at its very best if you ask me. The other three PVP maps are fun, but the best of this DLC is The Prison Of The Elders it is just pure balls to the wall action and it is a lot of fun.

So is the House Of The Wolves worth it??????? Well if you have so far enjoyed Destiny then I would say it is well worth it, The Prison Of The Elders is sure to give you hours and hours of fun and if you ask me worth the price of admission alone. I just wish there was more story content or at the very least a few cut scenes to expand the lore a little bit more.