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Fifa 16: I’m In The Game!


Fifa 16 Offering Female Teams For The First Time

EA’s yearly instalment of Fifa is one of the biggest releases each year. I have been a fan since the first game was released on the Sega Mega Drive many, many years ago. While some people like to say “it is the same game released every year” I for one always look forward to each new Fifa game and I often wonder how many of these people who think every Fifa is exactly the same have actually played the games!


Anyway the first little bits of information are starting to come out and the first piece that EA has revealed is actually something pretty damn huge. Fifa 16 for the first time ever will allow people to play as female international teams. There will be 12 international teams including, England, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Sweden and China. Being from the UK I am a huge fan of football and I actually really enjoyed the 2011 Woman’ World Cup (especially the final between Japan and USA) so I will be interested to try and catch a few of the matches from the 2015 tournament which starts on the 6th of June which is roughly a week after EA announced the inclusion of female teams in Fifa 16, perfect timing! EA are surely going to use the World Cup to push this game to as many female football fans as possible.


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I am a huge football fan (Glasgow Rangers if you must know are my team) but I will not pretend to be an expert in woman’s football. Here in the UK we do have the FA Women’s Super League which is the highest tear of female football in the UK which is getting popular, but I am far from an expert on the league. Still I actually welcome the addition of these extra teams in Fifa 16. At the very least it shakes things up a little bit and gives us something extra to do. What game modes these female teams will be able to compete in has not been said, but friendlies, a league and a tournament are surely a shoe in.


The head honcho of EA Sports, David Rutter has said that there in no shape or form will be mixed gender teams which really is understandable. But I am pretty sure that some PC gamers will figure out a way to mod the game to make this happen. As well as no mixed gender teams it is not possible to have a female team play against a male team. So you cannot crush the England men’s team with the woman’s team. Which I must admit I am sure is something that many people would want to do, but again I understand why EA are not allowing this.


I am pretty sure that depending on how this is received could really change the way female sports games are handled in the future. Perhaps EA will put teams from the WNBA in the next NBA Live game or have teams from the LFL in the next Madden game….. ok so that one is pushing it. Still there is a lack of female sports titles out there and this could really be a good things for fans of female sports. Perhaps the next Fifa game will include even more female international teams and perhaps the FA Woman’s Super League!  No doubt some “manly” men will be against this, but I really do not see what harm it does if anything it just adds more to the game for you to enjoy so I am excited to see what EA does moving forward.