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Fifa 16 E3 2015 Wish List


So we had the announcement that Fifa 16 will incorporate, female football teams, but at E3 2015 and in the days leading up to the event and after we are going to be getting all the juicy details as to what to expect in this year’s Fifa game. As a hard core Fifa fan I wanted to share with you guys what I would like to see at this year’s E3.

Quicker Transfers


One thing that drives me wild in Fifa 15 is how long it can take to complete a transfer, scout a player and just the whole general process. Look I know that they are going for an air of realism with this, but the whole taking ages to scout a player so you can know what they are rated at is a real pain in the butt. I would love to see an option where if you do not want to wait for a player to be scouted you can pay and see right away what they are rated at.

Smarter Players


This one is a bit harsh as the past few years, EA have done an amazing job in making the yearly Fifa game a lot of fun to play…….. But there are still moments when I am yelling at my players to “make a run” “why are you doing that” and “how can you miss from there?” To be fair I think that for the most part Fifa 15 played incredibly well and that was why I noticed when things did not go quite right. Still it is so frustrating when I am running with the ball only for my £20 million rated striker to either stop and not run ahead or just run beside me instead of running into space!

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Control 2 Players At Once


Ok so this is not a new idea as this was the big game play feature of Fifa 2005. The idea of this was sound, but it never quite worked out. When you had the ball, you could press a button and using the right analogue stick you could control a second player and have them make the run you want….. it was very tricky to control one player going one way and another going in a different direction, but it was a great feature once you knew how to use it and you could really spilt your opponents defense open. I would love to see this idea return……. In a more refined way of course.

Leave Your Team At The End Of A Season


One thing that I absolutely hate about the career mode of Fifa 15 is that when you want a new job you have to apply for it during the season, thus leaving your current team half way through. Now I am not saying I would like this option taken out, but at the end of each and every season when you get your “performance review” you should be able to see if there are any other clubs who want your services for the next season. You should not have to abandon a team mid-way through the season or get fired to go to a new club. Not a huge change, but one that should be in the game!

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A New Way To Take Free Kicks


Scoring free kicks to me seems just so damn random in Fifa 15. I can line it up perfectly, get the power just right and…… BAM, nothing! Other times I can just rush it an the ball will fly in. I would like to see a whole new way to take free kicks. Perhaps a better power bar, some kind of arrow like the older Fifa games had or something else.

More Cinematic Flair


Ok so there is a huge rumor going around that there is going to be some kind of “story” mode added to this year’s Fifa game. What this could be I have no idea, but I would really like to see is a little bit more showmanship, pizazz and just general excitement. Perhaps in the My Player mode they could add in story lines or even in career mode have things like your team getting into financial trouble and you being forced to sell a player or on the flip side you could be taken over by a very wealthy owner, thus giving you a huge transfer budget.