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New 1TB PS4 Is On The Way


It has been revealed today that we can expect two new Playstation 4 models on store shelves later this year. Interestingly though from the “leak” it appears that these will not feature any major cosmetic changes as the dimensions that have been revealed are the same as the current Playstation 4.

The big thing though is the inclusion of a 1TB hard drive. Many have said that this was something that should have been included from the very beginning. For a little while now the Xbox One has been available with a 1TB hard drive so it is not surprising that Sony have done this also. As well as offering a larger hard drive. The new Playstation 4 will use slightly less power and also weigh a little bit less. Which for you guys who love to workout with your PS4’s may be a bit of a downer. Another model of Playstation 4 was revealed with this, but it still comes with a 500gb hard drive, but shares the same weight and power consumption as the 1tb model.


It is very odd that Sony would not change the look of the console as this is something they have done since the days of the Playstation 1. I for one would love to see the USB ports located on the back or side of the console so I do not have to have the charge cable sticking out of the front! I am sure there will be a redesign for the Playstation 4 at some point, but this “new” model does not seem to be it…… hopefully at E3 2015 they will have more details on what exactly this is going to be!

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Were Sony & Microsoft Unprepared For This Generations Digital Demands?

This “news” has got me to thinking that really the 500gb we were giving with our consoles really was not enough. In a day and age where you are required to install most games on your hard drive. In addition to this we have updates, DLC and god knows what else. That 500gb hard drive you got when you first bought your console really does start to fill up very quickly.


For me the biggest hard drive hog has been the Halo: Master Chief Collection. I cannot stress enough how much I love the Halo series. Actually it is one of my all-time favorite video game franchises. But the Halo: Master Chief Collection comes with an 80gb install not to mention at least another 20gb in updates as well this one game can eat up over 100gb of your allowed 500gb! As much as I love the game once I have beaten all four games (I am about ¾ of the way through Halo 3 now) I will have to delete it off my hard drive as I am getting real close to 90 percent!

Hard drives can be bought fairly cheaply these days so to be fair it is not all that expensive to buy another 500gb or even a 1tb hard drive and use that. But really I think these consoles should have had at least 1tb in them when they were first launched. Both Sony and Microsoft must have known that the 500gb they were offering would fill up very quickly.

While the fact that there is a 1tb Xbox One already out there and a Playstation 4 with the same storage space on the way is a good thing for new adopters to these systems. The rest of us will have to just start managing our games more or pick up an external, hard drive………. Until the redesigns of both Xbox One and Playstation 4 are released which I am sure will at the very least have 1tb in them.