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Skylanders Superchargers Coming September 2015!


Activision have revealed that this September will see the fifth game in their hugely popular Skylanders series, Skylanders Superchargers be released. Skylanders has been a huge hit for Activision’s and responsible for the boom in the “toys to life” genre of games. Skylanders: Spyros Adventure, Skylanders Giants, Skylanders: Swap Force and last years, Skylanders: Trap Team have all be monster hits, but for Skylanders Superchargers, Activision are kicking things into high gear!


Skylanders Superchargers will see vehicles come into play in the Skylanders Universe for the first time. You will be able to race on land, fly in the air and even go underwater! It seems and sounds like fun and exciting stuff and I am sure Skylanders fans are going to eat this up! The story sees that no good, evil Kaos up to his old tricks again this time though he has a new weapon the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction! To stop Kaos, Master Eon calls upon the Skylander Superchargers and their awesome vehicles to put Kaos into his place.


Skylanders Superchargers comes with a starter pack which comes with a brand new portal, Spitfire who is a brand new Skylander, a new Supercharger version of Stealth Elf, a vehicle and of course the game itself. There will also be a Portal Owners pack for people who do not want to buy another portal. Speaking of the portal it looks really cool, kind of like a section of a race track and there is still a section on the portal to put your traps from Trap Team in.

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Skylanders Superchargers will have 20 Skylander Supercharger characters and 20 vehicles. There will be one brand new Skylander for each of the ten elements as well as one re “repose” of an older character. Now these reposes are more than just a slap of paint. They all have undergone a very drastic formation with a whole new design and move set so while they are the same character they will play very differently. As you would expect from a Skylanders game all of the characters you have collected for the past four games will be playable here.


The vehicles of course are the big addition to this year’s game. All Skylanders can operate the vehicles, but if you have a Skylander Supercharger in a vehicle then it can get awesome and specific upgrades. So while you can just use a regular Skylander there is a clear advantage (and perhaps more fun to be had) in using one of the new Superchargers. All of the vehicles can be customized which is really cool and the vehicle sections from what we have seen look like they will be a mix of racing and arena style battles.

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In addition to the vehicle sections of the game, you will also be doing a lot of butt kicking with your Skylanders. The classic, Skylanders game play that kids (and adults too!) have fallen in love with these past four years looks to be better than ever and while seeing the new Skylanders such as Spitfire and Storm Blade is going to be cool I think that longtime fans of the series are going to get a real kick out of seeing characters like Terrafin and Trigger Happy in exciting new gear with brand new weapons and abilities.

Now entering its fifth year, Skylanders Superchargers looks like it is going to be a lot of fun, but with Disney Infinity having both Marvel and Star Wars and Lego Dimensions out in September. Skylanders is going to have more competition than ever!