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Sega Superstar Classics: Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Hey last week we looked at the Super Nintendo version of Jurassic Park and I am still hyped about the impending Jurassic World movie coming out soon so I thought there was no better time to look at another version of Jurassic Park!


While Ocean would make the Jurassic Park games for the NES, Game Boy and Super Nintendo, Sega and Blue Sky Software would make the version for the Sega Mega Drive. Why Sega wanted to have their own version of Jurassic Park I am not sure, but having different versions of the same game was not all that uncommon in those days.


In the months leading up to the release of Jurassic Park most multi format magazines would spend the majority of the time focusing on the Super Nintendo version of the game. With many saying the Sega version was the less flashy and more predictable of the games. Well in the years that have past I think this version has held up way better than the Super Nintendo version.

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Wow did the people making this game capture the feel of Jurassic Park incredibly well. This is one of the best intros/openings into a game I have ever seen on the Sega Mega Drive. Starting with a T-Rex popping up and saying Sega, you get this incredible little intro where you see a T-Rex destroying a car (kind of like the movie) it is done with flashing lights, awesome music and the whole thing just gives you a general “holy crap this is going to be awesome!” feeling.


The game has two stories to play through one sees you as Dr Grant trying to escape the island and the other is you playing as a Raptor who is chasing down Dr Grant. Having two stories to play through was pretty cool. The games graphics are very impressive with lush environments, amazing character designs and just a general very impressive look to the game. The animations can be a little bit choppy, but rally this is a very good looking game.

Game Play

Jurassic Park is a side scrolling action game that is fun, but it does have a few flaws. Playing as Dr Grant you will need to make your way through different levels, taking out dinosaurs (only tranquilizing the, you never actually kill them)trying to get of the island. The different levels are quite large and the biggest issue I have with the game is that there are so many leaps of faiths you have to make. The collision detection is not that fantastic and most of the time when you die it will be because of a misguided jump or because you fall on spikes or something. The rafting section of the game is my favorite part, but man is it tough. Even with these flaws, trying to get Dr Grant of the island is still a fun time. But you will die many times so you will have to learn enemy patterns and where is safe to jump and where is not safe to jump.


Playing as the Raptor in theory should be one of the most awesome experiences of all time! And it is pretty fun, but this part of the game is not as enjoyable as playing as Dr Grant. The Raptor can eat other dinosaurs as well as having to fight off dudes with guns and she can jump crazy high. The jumping takes quite a while to get used to and can lead to some frustrating moments. Still there is no getting away from the fact that playing as a Raptor is pretty cool, but it is just not as much fun as playing as Dr Grant. I think that the Raptor sections are easier, but they just drag on a little bit. Both stories are pretty harsh when you die as there are no checkpoints and you have to start again, but more than a few games of this era did this.

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Final Thoughts

Jurassic Park on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis sure as hell makes your jaw drop when it first fire up and if you stick with the game you can deal with the collision detection problems and get through it. Is Jurassic Park one of the best games on the system? No it is not, but if you love the movie and can overlook a few issues then you will have a great time with this.