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More Sonic Boom On The Way in 2015

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Ok so who is the person who asked for more Sonic Boom? Well I have to be honest it was probably my son. He loves Sonic The Hedgehog and Sega could slap a picture of Sonic on a turd and he would want it. Anyway despite, Sonic Boom being the worst selling Sonic game in history! Sega have announced that there is more Sonic Boom action coming this year.

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Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will be released on the Nintendo 3DS later this year and is part of the deal Nintendo and Sega had where Sega would release exclusive Sonic games for Nintendo. To be fair I thought Sonic Lost World was not all that bad, but last year’s Sonic Boom was just terrible in pretty much every way! Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will follow on from the Sonic Boom TV show and will see you controlling, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Styx and of course Sonic. Dr Eggman is back and he is joined with a new villain to the Sonic Universe, D-Fekt.

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With the name Fire & Ice as you would expect Sonic Boom is making use of both Fire and Ice. With both elements making for different experiences when you play the game. Characters can use both fire and ice in order to get through the levels. Speaking of getting through the levels, Sega have said that players can either run through them at top speed or they can take things nice and slow in order to explore the levels. Something called Bot Racing has been added to Sonic Boom Fire & Ice. Bot Racing will see you having to race as fast as you can. This is what we have been led to believe will be the main aspect of the multi-player mode, but it will also feature in the single player story as well.

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I know that we have only had one trailer and a snippet of information from Sega, but man is it hard to get excited for this one! Sonic Boom on both the Wii U (speaking of which why is there no Wii U version of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice?) and the 3DS was a mediocre game in every regard. The character designs rubbed many Sonic fans up the wrong way and many people saw the accompanying animated series as pretty poor also…….. But Sega clearly put a lot of effort into Sonic Boom and thought it would be a big deal. I mean they made two games (three if you count this new one) an animated series and a line of merchandise as well. So I am not surprised that Sega are not willing to throw the towel in just yet for Sonic Boom.

Sonic is a yearly franchise these days and to be honest the Blue Hedgehog has appeared in more good games than he has bad ones, but with the poor critical reception and horrible sales of the first two Sonic Boom games the deck is certainly stacked against Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice when it is released later in 2015.