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NBA 2K16 Wish List


With the NBA Finals well underway (which I have been enjoying by the way) I fired up NBA 2K15 for the first time in a few weeks yesterday……… and turned it off after about half an hour because of the damn server issues that make getting into the game and just having fun with it a pain in the ass. Look I love the NBA 2K series I really do, but there are a few things I would love to see in this year’s game so here is my NBA 2K16 “five things I want, wish list”

Fix Your Servers!!!!


The amount of times I have had my game crash, kick me out or just be sluggish and take forever to load anything is not acceptable this has been an issue for a couple of games now and I really hope that 2K step up this year and stop with the online problems. What makes this even worse is that I am not a big online gamer…… which brings me to my next point.

Why Does My Single Player Game Have To Be “Online”


I have yet to hear one compelling reason as to why the things you do in single player have to be connected to 2K’s servers. If you’re buying something for your player in My Career then yes you need to be connected, but otherwise…… leave me alone! It makes things run so much slower than they need to! The whole online structure of NBA 2K15 spoiled my experience of the game. If you took away all the online stuff I honestly would have scored NBA 2K15 at about an 8 or a 9.

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Be Less Harsh In My Career


Ok so here is the scene. I was playing as a shooting guard for The Pelicans against the Spurs. Tyreek Evans caught a rebound and I tried to implement a fast break. First of all Tyreek Evans throws the worst pass in the history of terrible passes to me that is intercepted….. I got rated down for that! The guy who intercepted it passes it to Tony Parker…. For some reason I got marked down for that because I guess I was supposed to be marking Parker, parker then scores and I get marked down for that as well! My Career has a few frustrating moments when you are punished for something your team does. I love My Career it is my favorite mode in NBA 2K, but I just wish the ratings were a little fairer.

Dealing With Players In My GM To Be Less Of A Headache


I really wish that I could get more into My GM to me it should be as awesome as being a manager in the Fifa games is and while I love the idea of running my own NBA franchise, dealing with the players is an absolute nightmare. The amount of times I have unhappy players for no sensible reason at all drives me crazy!!!! You sometimes do something the game wants you to do….. but then get punished for it anyway! Honestly I think that My GM is trying to be perhaps to in depth and that is hurting the fun of the mode for me.

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More Old School Players!!!


I know that modern basketball fans reading this may be groaning, but I grew up in the 90’s when the NBA had more star power than ever (well in my opinion) I for one love how they incorporate legends into the modern NBA games and I would love to see them take it even further by adding in more classic teams, players, uniforms and hell even arenas! I have to say that I for one would actually be very interested in a full on NBA Legends game.