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Doom 4 First Impressions


I never had a PC as a kid, but a kid I knew at school did and I would be so interested when he would talk about this game called Doom! It was not until Doom was released on the Super Nintendo that I got into the game of course we all know now how that was not exactly what we would called the “definitive” version of Doom, but it was all I had at the time and I loved it….. Anyway enough of my walk down memory lane. You see more information has been revealed about the new Doom game which is coming out on PS4, Xbox One and PC and if there was one game that has made me say, “holy crap” this year it was this.

It Is Just Doom Now & It Is Out Next Year

I think until the game is released and probably still after, many of us will call the game, Doom 4, but the official name for the game is now just Doom. So many are assuming that this is a brand new, reboot of the series. Doom is scheduled for release in Spring of 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC and I can see more than a few gamers who have yet to upgrade to this gen doing so to play this game.

Doom Looks Beautiful


Well as beautiful as slaying a horde of evil looking demons in the most gruesome of ways can be considered beautiful! The original Doom was considered an incredible looking game and I vividly remember when Doom 3 was released that many peoples jaws were slammed on the floor with how good it looked. Well Doom ……. Dare I say is possibly the best looking game I have had my beady little eyes on this year! Doom is running on a brand new game engine called, ID Tech 6 and that is why this is such a good looking game. This is actually the first game to use this tech and boy what a way for ID to start!

Doom Is Gory As Hell!


Its freaking Doom what do you expect????? Well while that goes without saying, Doom is really gory, gory in kind of an artistic way……. Well if you count ripping a horde of hell spawn in pieces with a chainsaw artistic, or destroying someone’s heart with a single punch or taking a guy down at the knees (literally by the way!) with a shotgun! There is blood and guts everywhere and honestly brutally killing monsters has never looked better than this. You go into a Doom game expecting extreme violence and gore……. And man does Doom 4 look like it is not going to disappoint!

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You Know The Deal With Single Player!

Ok so it is early days in the reveal of Doom and not a vast amount has been said about the single player campaign of Doom, but it’s fair to say that you will be on Mars, some kind of gateway to hell or another evil dimension will be opened and you will have to kill evil monsters like there is no tomorrow in order to save the day. I personally loved the story that was in Doom 3 and I am looking forward to putting some hell spawn back in their place once again when this game is released.

Multi Player Sounds Very Interesting


I think that these days if you make a first person shooter, you are pretty much legally required to have an online mode in it. Well this is ID so it is safe to say the online mode is going to be a lot of fun, but one thing that does sound really cool is that Doom Snapmap will make it so modding maps is going to be nice, easy and pretty awesome!