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Oculus Announce Games For The Oculus Rift

A few games were shown off at a recent event that give us an idea of what we can come to expect from the first wave of games to make use of the VR headset, the Oculus Rift. Some of these look really cool and here are my thoughts on a couple of the games that were shown.

Edge Of Nowhere

Now this is what stole the show, Edge Of Nowhere is being brought to us by Insomniac Games (the same dudes who make Ratchet & Clank) the game is set in a frozen world and is a 3rd person action game where you are taking on all kinds of weird looking monsters and trying to survive. Not a great deal was revealed, but man did this get me pumped up!


I expected to see nothing, but first person games during the first batch of titles for the Oculus Rift so seeing this one be 3rd person really did take me by surprise. Apart from the novelty that this is playable on a VR headset. Insomniac Games do make just awesome games and their track record speaks for itself so that alone is reason enough to get excited by this.

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Untitled Sports Collection

There was video of a really cool looking first person hockey game. At first I thought that perhaps this was some kind of entry in EA’s NHL series, but this is actually going to be part of some kind of sports collection that will be released for the Oculus Rift. The graphics looked great and out of all the games that I have seen so far this is the best looking “virtual reality” game I have seen as  you see all the action from the perspective of the goalie.


Not much at all was shown for this, but the tiny teaser was cool. As this is part of a sports collection I would love to see basketball and some soccer in there as well. Could this be the Oculus Rifts version of Wii Sports?