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Donkey Kong & Bowser Are In Skylanders


Talk about out of nowhere announcements at E3 2015!!!! Skylanders is a yearly franchise we all know that and it was pretty clear that there would be some kind of Skylanders announcement at E3. Most of us just assumed that it would be a few new characters that would be shown or maybe some new story details…… well some new characters were shown, but it was two in particular who have got everyone talking…… Donkey Kong & Bowser!


The Nintendo Wii U Starter Pack will come with Turbo Charging Donkey Kong who is a Life Element Skylander. I have seen a fair bit of game play footage of him and he looks awesome! He makes use of his barrels as a weapon. So far we have seen him use them as bongo drums, boxing gloves and as a projectile weapon. In a cool old school twist he can even make the girders from the original Donkey Kong fall onto enemies. He even has Diddy as a sidekick who will fly in and help him out! The Wii U starter pack will also come with Donkey Kong’s vehicle the Barrel Blaster which is a Tech Element vehicle and when in game has Diddy in a side car! The Wii U Starter Pack will also come with a new Stealth Elf figure as well.


Bowser is part of the 3DS Starter Pack and the original Wii Starter Pack…… that is right this game is still being released on the Wii, but interestingly both the Wii and the 3DS version are called, Skylanders Superchargers Racing. So perhaps this game is going to be more of a Mario Kart/Sonic Racing style game than the others. Bowser is called, Hammer Slam Bowser and he is decked out in this cool medieval looking armor, he is a Fire Element Skylander. His vehicle is really cool and is called the Clown Bomber and clearly based on his vehicle from Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. Both these Starter Packs also come with Stealth Elf which if I am honest annoys the hell out of me….. why could they not have put a different character in these starter packs so people who buy both the handheld version and the console version do not have to get a duplicate of a character?

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So what does this mean for the future of Skylanders? Well there are a ton of wild theories out there as to how Donkey Kong and Bowser are going to fit into the game, story wise and there are some people who think we could perhaps see even more Nintendo characters show up….. I would be surprised by this to be honest and think that just leaving this at these two characters would be cool and make them feel extra special.


One other thing that is awesome about these (and kind of scary) is that they can be used as Amiibos as well! by turning the base a little bit, you can change them from Skylanders to Amiibos. This sounds amazing in theory, but also does this mean that people are going to be scalping these bad boys like crazy just like they do with other Amiibos……… I really hope not.  Also does this open the floodgate for other characters to appear in the Skylanders Universe? Donkey Kong and Bowser clearly will not be playable on other consoles, but will the Xbox One and Playstation  get their own exclusive characters?