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E3 2015 Day One Highlights!

Look I know that E3 2015 is not over yet, but damn it even after just one day this has been one of the most exciting E3’s I have ever seen. So exciting that I cannot wait until the end to talk about it. So here are a few of the things that made me giddy like a school girl during day 1 of E3 2015.

Shenmue 3


Holy crap….. no one saw this coming!!!! People have wanted this for years and now thanks to Kickstarter, Shenmue will be coming to Playstation 4 and PC. They want 2 million dollars and last time I checked (which was about three minutes ago) they were already at well over 1 million. This is one of those games that no one ever thought would happen so it is cool that it actually is.

The Last Guardian


It feels like it has been a decade since this game was first announced…. Ok so slight exaggeration I know, but this was a game I thought was never going to come out. But there it was and it looked amazing….. well not a whole heap different from the last time we saw it to be honest, but at least they have come out and said that this will be out next year.

Gears Of War 1 and 4


Sure not a lot was revealed, but there is going to be a new Gears Of War released for the Xbox One next year and I could not be any more excited to see just what the hell is going to happen. I loved the third game and thought it closed the story perfectly so I am very interested to see where things are going to go. Also in just a few months we have a remaster of the original Gears Of War also for the Xbox One!

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Rare Replay


Staying with the Xbox One we have one of the most epic game collections I have ever seen, Rare Replay! Offering 30 different Rare classics starting with classic arcade games from the 80’s going all the way to games that were released on the Xbox 360. This my friends is how you do a classic game collection………it does kind of bring attention to just how bad a job though Microsoft have done at utilizing Rare.

Final Fantasy VII


No way, no way, no way was what I said when I first saw this. I mean we have only been after this for nearly ten years, but finally, Square Enix have listened and are going to remake what I consider to be one of the greatest stories in the history of gaming. It was said that this will be coming first to the Playstation 4, but as first was said about 50 times we can assume that this will also show up on Xbox One at some point as well.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole


A sequel to the amazing, Stick Of Truth. The Fractured But Whole will be super hero themed and see Cartman as The Coon, Kenny as Mysterion and the rest of his “friends” as what he sees in his mind as sidekicks. This was quite an unexpected announcement and with the last South Park RPG being so well made and received this is a game that I personally cannot wait for.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn


This was perhaps my favorite game of Sony’s E3 shindig. From Guerrilla. The little bit of game footage that we saw was enough to sell me. It has all kinds of robot animals…… and robot dinosaurs that you have to hunt down and killed. It looked freaking awesome and you can bet that this is one game I am going to be keeping a very close eye on.

Backwards Compatibility!

Wow I did not see this one coming, but the Xbox One is getting backwards compatibility with over 100 games by the end of this year! What is amazing is that this will not cost you a penny as you can just put your Xbox 360 discs in your Xbox One and rock and roll! This is huge news and makes me wonder why on earth did Microsoft not bend over backwards to make this happen when the Xbox One launched.