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Top 5 Game Franchises That Would Be Cool In Virtual Reality!


So the virtual reality craze is coming! With headsets like Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift, Valve and god knows what else is in the pipeline! I think this new virtual reality wave that is about to hit us does look like fun…. I do not see it as the future of gaming, but like motion controls and 3D I think it will make for some fun games… speaking of which today I am sharing with you guys what video game franchises I think would be pretty cool in 3D.

Number 5

Gears Of War


I am a huge Gears Of War fan, but to be honest when I think of virtual reality I think of everything being in first person mode so I am not sure how Gears in this way would work. Anyway the main reason that I love the Gears games is the world that they are set in. It is just so amazingly designed that I would love to be able to get up close and personally with it…. At the same time though there are more than a few parts of Gears Of War that are just pants wittingly scary as hell and I am sure these parts of the game would be even more intense in virtual reality.

Number 4



Hmm describing this one and not sounding like a total psychopath is pretty damn hard, but I will try my best. The Hitman series is already a lot of fun and the new Hitman game looks awesome. But imagine being able to do all the cool things that Agent 47 does, but in a really detailed first person view point now that would be pretty cool. I also wonder if playing a game like this would make people play a little differently. For example when I play the Hitman games I hold nothing back and take people out in the most brutal ways possible……. But in a virtual reality environment I do not think I would be as comfortable doing that.

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Number 3

Jurassic Park


We have already seen a few demos of dinosaurs in virtual reality, but I think a whole game based around Jurassic Park would be so freaking cool. The interesting thing (and what may perhaps sound a little boring to some of your guys) about my dream Jurassic Park Virtual Reality game is that I would not want an all-out action game. I would be cool with a virtual reality walk around an actual Jurassic Park… of course some sections where you are running from dinosaurs or needing to hide would be cool, but I would love a game like this to be more of an experience than full on game if you know what I mean.

Number 2

Silent Hill


The PT Demo that was cruelly removed was one of the scariest things I have ever played….. but just imagined how much more scare this would have been with a virtual reality headset on! Look Silent Hills getting canned sucked big time, but if there is one game series that I think would really get even more scary, creepy and just down right terrifying in 3D then it is Silent Hill. Hell right now I would happily just take them putting the PT Demo back out there, but giving it virtual reality support…… although I am not sure my heart could take it if they did!

Number 1



I love the Halo series and to me already it makes me feel like I am actually part of this huge, badass intergalactic war. Every Halo game has gotten me so invested and pumped up with each mission I take on that it is pretty damn crazy. I think that if Halo were to have some kind of virtual reality support that it would make it even more immersive and incredible. Just imagine being able to turn your head and be face to face with an Elite! I would still like to control most things with the Xbox controller, but the thought of a virtual reality Halo game is pretty damn cool!

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Games I Sure As Hell Do Not Want In Virtual Reality!!!!

Just for fun here is two games that at first I thought would be cool and nearly put them on my list, but then after really thinking about it I did not!


I love wrestling and I have been playing wrestling games as long as I have been playing video games! And at first I thought a first person, WWE game where you actually feel like a wrestler would be really cool. Until I actually thought of what this game would be….. most of the time you would have another dudes sweaty crotch in your face and I am pretty sure that is not something we want to see up close and personal.

Sonic The Hedgehog

I saw a virtual reality demo of Sonic a while back (which for the life of me I cannot find again) and at first I thought to myself “man that looks so cool” but then I remembered that I get sick from fast moving 3D movies so god only knows what Sonic would do to me. I am sure for some people a virtual reality Sonic game would be cool, but not for me…. Well not unless I had a sick bucket under me as I played. This made me realize that people like me who do get motion sickness or have issues with 3D may have trouble with some 3D games.