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The Best Of Nintendo – E3 2015


Hey guys, E3 has been over for a little over a day as I write this and I am still trying to process all of the really cool stuff that we saw. I have already told you what impressed me with Sony and Microsoft and today I want to share what impressed me from Nintendo’s event. While the announcements may not have been as huge as say Shenmue 3 or backwards compatibility on Xbox One. There was still some cool stuff announced and here are my favorite E3 2015, 3DS announcements along with my favorite Wii U announcements.

Nintendo 3DS

Zelda Tri Force Heroes (3DS)


This one really took me by surprise. I will admit that I was a little bummed out when Nintendo said there would be no Wii U Zelda at this year’s E3 and I actually thought there would be no Zelda at all! But Nintendo surprised us by showing off Zelda Tri Force Heroes for the 3DS. If you have played any of the Four Swords games then you will know what to expect here. You and some buddies will team up with each of you having your own Link. You will need to work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. What makes this game different from Four Swords is the way you can customize your own Link. I am very interested to see more of this game in the coming months.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam


I freaking love the Mario & Luigi RPG series of games! The last one which was not released all that long ago, Sticker Star was a lot of fun. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam once again sees Mario & Luigi playing through some over the top, funny and just generally awesome adventure. But this time they are joined by Paper Mario and Paper Luigi. The Mario Bros have teamed up with different versions of themselves before and it was a lot of fun then and I am sure it will be now. Offering the same kind of turn based combat, Paper Jam looks like it is going to be a great continuation of the series. Another thing I love about these games is that you do not have to be a hard core RPG player or even have played any of the other games to really enjoy them.

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Nintendo Wii U

Star Fox Zero


Well I had to pick Star Fox Zero didn’t I? We all knew that this was going to be the big game for Nintendo at this year’s E3 and I was very happy with what I saw. Being honest I have not really enjoyed a Star Fox game since Lylat Wars (what we called Star Fox 64 here in the UK)… well I guess if you do not count the remake on the 3DS. Anyway Star Fox Zero looks like it is taking what was awesome about the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 Star Fox games and basing Star Fox Zero around that. One thing I flipped out over was how your Arwing can transform and walk along the floor….. just like what was supposed to happen in Star Fox 2 on the Super Nintendo. Without a doubt this is Nintendo’s big game for Christmas 2015.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival


I am not the biggest Animal Crossing fan in the world I will admit that right now….. but I do love the Mario Party series and that is kind of what we have with, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. This is a board game where you will get to play in a bunch of fun looking mini games. Of course with Amiibo being in the title as you would expect there is also going to be some new Amiibos for you to collect….. or run around your town hitting every store like a maniac trying to find them! Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival  never made my jaw drop, but it does look like it will be a lot of fun to play with some friends or the kids.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash


The Mario Tennis series has produced some amazing games since the days of the Mario’s Tennis on the Virtua Boy. Actually I think that most of Mario’s sports games have been fun. But for whatever reason this console generation has not seen many of them (give me a Mario Sports Mix 2 will ya!) anyway this is what you would expect. A fun arcade style tennis game where you play as all of your favorite Mario characters. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is bound to have a few new gimmicks, but the one that was shown off at E3 saw Peach grab a Mega Mushroom and turn into a